Fitness Friday – January Recap

This is a once-a-month post to check in on how my fitness and nutrition has been in the past month.  Thanks for joining me on my fitness journey as I train for a half Ironman, find my new “normal” postpartum, and gain back my confidence!  For more day-to-day progress, follow along on my Instagram account.  I’d love to hear how you’re hitting your fitness goals this month- drop me a comment below!


I’m really proud of my workouts this month. I feel like it was the first month in a looooong time that I’ve stuck to the workout plans I made.  I did have to tweak the plan a bit because we had visitors, Don’s class schedule was all over the place and we had two bouts of the stomach bug, ear aches, and the cold bouncing around.  Taking that all into account, I’m so pleased with the progress I’ve made.

I met my iWatch January goal!

I got into the pool to swim laps for the first time in probably five years, and despite being pretty nervous about it, the first workout was much better than I expected.  I’m slowly building endurance and strength in the pool which is growing my confidence with each swim.

Feeling good after a swim


In addition, my dad came to visit and casually mentioned that he has a membership to SpinTV which is unlimited access to hundreds (maybe thousands?) of SPIN workouts taught by their master instructors.  He logged in for me and let me try a few workouts and I’m hooked.  My spin bike has been collecting dust since the boys were born, and I love that I can get in a workout during nap time or at night without having to leave the house.  Plus, they kick my butt!

Running has been the most challenging, despite it being the area that I was the most comfortable with pre-children. I’m seeing improvement on my outdoor runs, but I cannot get motivated on the treadmill.  The weather at the end of the month was cold/icy so I didn’t feel comfortable running outside.  I think it’s a mental barrier I need to break through.

I love that she wants to work out with me!

January Goal Review and Stats

swim at least 6 times (ideally 1-2x per week)
I swam 5x, but counting this because of all our sickness
start to feel comfortable in the pool YES!

bike 1x per week – minimum of 40 minutes each
I bike 9x (some were less than 40 min, but quantity wins!)
take two cycle/spin classes over the course of the month yes

Run: 12 runs, 23.65 miles
run 2-3x per week yes
be able to run 3 miles without stopping nope, the furthest I ran continuously was 1.8 miles

finish Glowbody PT’s Post-pregnancy plan Phase 3 (out of 3) yes!

6/7 goals completed which I’m thrilled about!  Like I said, running brings me the least joy right now, so I need to work on that.

Running on the trail with E – she insisted on running the last part with me!

February Goals

Swim: swim 1,000+ yards at once; average sub 40 second laps

Bike: cycle 2-3x a week, 1 spin “class” per week, 60+ minute ride per week

Run: run 3 miles without stopping, run 1-mile at sub 11 minute mile

Strength: complete Glowbody PT’s Post-Pregnancy Plan Phase 3 AGAIN (and increase weights)

Other: stretch before AND after each run/cycle AND foam roll 3-4 days a week (I am so bad at doing this, but I want to prevent injuries)

Do you have any tips for treadmill running?  Also, any great shows to binge on Netflix/Amazon Prime while I ride indoors?

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6 thoughts on “Fitness Friday – January Recap

  1. You did amazing with your goals!!! I totally understand about having a mental barrier when it comes to the treadmill. It’s hard to break through but I know you can do it.

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