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Life Lately – January 2019

I had great intentions for blogging in January, but the month kicked our family’s butt!  We battled the stomach bug twice, the boys had some serious teething, and Elizabeth and Henry had ear infections.  With all that came a lot of sleepless nights, long days, and LOTS of laundry.  Don also had a week of intensive classes where he was gone from 7am-9pm every day, but that goodness my dad came into town to help me with the kids!

I’m so glad that January is behind us and we are moving on to a new month.  Thankfully, I was able to still get most of my workouts in, and we did manage to have fun when we weren’t battling sickness.  We spent time outside, enjoyed snow and Elizabeth (and Don) spent a lot of time playing with Legos.  It’s safe to say that she loves them as much as he does.

Shoveling with Papa!

With the cold weather and being contagious, we spent a lot of time inside.  Thank you pinterest for fun ideas to keep my toddler happy!

Elizabeth also went to two birthday parties (her first) and she loved the cake, the presents and hanging out with kids of all ages.  It made me really excited to throw her a birthday party in April.


Here’s to February being a month of healthy babies (and parents), a fun time celebrating our ONE year olds (!!), and more adventures outside!

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6 thoughts on “Life Lately – January 2019

  1. It looks like that even despite sickness you guys managed to rock the month of January! It feels like the month was forever long (the memes on social media make me laugh), but I’m excited to see what February brings 🙂

    1. I realized that too after going through all the pictures! Thankfully we had quick sicknesses, but January did feel like forever. Those memes crack me up too because they are on point!

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