Twins – Eleven Months

ELEVEN MONTHS! I totally missed the ten month update, but instead of trying to play catch up and remember everything, I’m just going to do one major update.  The boys are SO.MUCH.FUN!  I feel like every time I turn around, they are learning a new skill.  They are super social, move a ton on their own, and pretty much eat everything we feed them.  They are still my sweet cuddle buddies, but they are also on the move a ton too.

The boys are still drinking formula, and I’m trying to incorporate solids when I remember/have the time.  To be honest, it’s so much easier to give them bottles when it’s just me with all three kids.  Purees were getting so messy (Henry tends to bat at the spoon and send things flying), so they’re getting a lot of finger foods.  They especially love cheerios and my chicken pot pie is a hit!

The boys are still doing an awesome job sleeping -shout out to our favorite sleep consultant Annie (you can find her here, she’s fabulous)!  Sammy had a few nights where he woke up from 12-3 (thinking it was time to party), so we pushed bedtime back by 30 minutes and that fixed the issue.  They both sleep 6:30pm-7am and usually nap 10-11:30 and then 2-3.  The afternoon naps still aligns with E’s nap (when she takes one), so I usually get about 45 minutes to myself in the afternoon!


Likes: his “tiger” walker (that he pushes) – it never fails to stop his tears; big sister talking to/playing with him; Oakley, having anyone interact with him, bath time
Dislikes: not getting enough attention, teething, being hungry

Personality: Sam still has all the emotions.  All.Of.Them.  He will go from unhappily shrieking one moment to fits of laughter the next – big emotional swings, but again – he’s his mama’s child!  Sam loves being where the action is and crawls so fast to get to where he wants/needs to be.  Sam is my sweet boy and really just loves to be my his mama.  He will crawl into my lap and play contently.  I think Sam is going to be the voice of reason for his two siblings.  When they are making messes or getting into things, he just sits back and watches them, but never participates.

Milestones: Sam is doing an awesome job walking behind his push-tiger and he goes so fast!  He even knows how to mostly turn it around when he bumps into a wall or an obstacle.  He cruises along the window and on furniture.  Sam took a few weeks longer than Henry, but he is now so good at climbing the stairs.  They “practice” on the way to naps and bedtime and think it’s so fun.  He’s stringing together lots of sounds as well and loves to babble to his brother and sister.  In the past two months he has gotten FOUR top teeth and has two more bottom teeth starting to push through (for a total of 6, almost 8 teeth)


Likes: playing in the play “kitchen”, stepping up on the stool, getting into his sister’s toys, bath time – he makes the biggest mess splashing around
Dislikes: Henry has continued his streak of being such a laid back baby. He is pretty much content no matter where we set him down.  He is a little more hesitant around strangers than Sam, but usually warms up to new friends.

Personality: Henry is still my chill boy (he gets that from his dad). Henry continues to hold his own and keeps his siblings away by waving around toys (and sometimes hitting them in the head).  He is so independent and can usually be found playing by himself in the kitchen.  This past month, his personality has turned a little sassy.  He LOVES to antagonize his sister by getting into her toys and making a mess.  He also has a little devilish grin (he gets that from his mama) like he knows when he’s doing something he’s not supposed to be, which of course he thinks is hilarious!

Milestones: Henry is a champion stair climber and actually started doing it before Sam!  He loves to climb onto things which he sometimes falls off of.  The other day, he climbed onto a little stool, then onto Elizabeth’s little chair and onto Elizabeth’s LEGO table to get into her creations.  Henry is also doing a great job standing, and can stand by himself for a few seconds at a time.  He is trying so hard to stand up by himself without holding onto anything, but not quite there yet.  He is still my babbling boy and strings together more consonants than his brother. Henry has all four teeth and two bottom teeth, but he is still the happiest baby when he’s teething.


Elizabeth is the BEST big sister.  She is so concerned when a baby is crying, asks for them first thing in the morning, gets them toys when they are fussing, and attempts to move them if they get stuck.  She interacts with them a lot more.  The boys love to crawl on top of her, and she will sometimes pull them onto her lap and sing to them (which is the most precious thing ever).  I worry about them less since they are more stable, but we still use the word “gentle” many times a day.  She has attempted several times to move them when they are somewhere they shouldn’t be.  It mostly consists of her picking them up and then gently “body slamming” them into the ground.  They think it’s hilarious.

Elizabeth loves to sing to the boys, wants to know where they are at all times, and after preschool runs to her brothers to give them both a kiss and hug.  Yesterday I asked her if she missed me while she was a school and she said “no, I missed my brothers”.  I’m just thankful she loves them so much.

Mom and Dad

With every month comes more freedom and new challenges.  The boys are on the move more, so I am constantly moving when we go out in public.  Grocery shopping and running errands is harder with all three, but they play so nicely together and independently when we’re home that I can get a lot more done.  Both our parents were in town, so we were able to enjoy several date nights alone!

In general, we are both so in love with our three little ones and wouldn’t change anything, despite the challenges or stressors we sometimes face.  Being a twin mom is so fun!


Adventures and Experiences

We had so much happen the past few months!  My parents came to visit, Don’s parents came to visit, we celebrated the boys’ first Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We all got sick over a stretch of 10 days (stomach bug for Sam, Don, and me; cold for Henry; ear infection for Elizabeth) which was not fun, but we all survived!  The boys continue to experience a lot thanks to having a busy big sister!

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    1. It really is. Sometimes I feel sad they’re our last babies, but then I remember all those sleepless nights and it passes quickly!

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