Kindness for Kent – Kindness is Free

I previously posted about my kindness streak from Thanksgiving to New Years Day, and although I did complete it, I did a bad job of tracking it!  BUT the best thing about the kindness streak is that it doesn’t have to end!  You can be kind any day of the week for no reason at all.

Today is Kent’s first birthday.  His sweet and brave mama has requested that today of all days, we make a conscious effort to  be kind to others.  That being said, I wanted to give a list of free (or cheap) was to show kindness to others today!

Free Ways to Show Kindness

1. Smile at others you meet and engage with them.
2. Ask the cashier how their day is going.  Wish them a good day as you leave.
3. Hold the door for someone.
4. During heavy traffic, let someone turn in front of you, or give someone the right of way even if it’s not their turn.
5. Leave a note of encouragement for someone to find it (on their windshield, under their doormat, in a backpack or lunch bag.
6. Show kindness to your spouse or kids.  Let your spouse sleep in, or do the bedtime routine so they can relax.  Bake cookies with your kids or say “Yes” to something you normally say “no” to.
7. Give blood (This is absolutely free and can save up to three lives!  Blood is always needed!)
8. Donate used items to a charity that will give them to families in need.
9. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway/sidewalk or clear someone’s car of snow.
10.  If you have succulents that have babies, replant them and gift them to others.
11. Write a note to a friend and put it in the mail.
12. Call a family member or friend to see how they are.
13. Go to the local humane shelter and walk a dog or two.
14. Visit a local park and pick up litter
15. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter.
16. Leave a kind comment on someone’s social media account.
17. Have your kids color pictures and send them to loved ones (or strangers)

Cheap Ways to Show Kindness

1. Bake a meal for another family.
2. Buy items at the dollar tree and leave them in the park with a note for other kids to find.
3. Leave some dog treats at the local dog park with a kind note attached.
4. Bring a co-worker their favorite coffee.
5. Leave coins taped to a vending machine for the next person.
6. Buy some non-perishable food items and make bags to hand out to homeless people you may encounter.

Elizabeth and I are wearing our Kindness Warriors shirts today to remind us to be kind to others, and to share Kent’s story with as many as we can.  Please join us!

Get your kids involved, I’m sure you can come up with many more ways to be kind.  I’d love to see how you’re being kind today (and everyday).  Use the hashtag #kindnessforkent on social media, or share on the FB page so Kent’s mama can see how his legacy is being shared.  You can even find a printout on the page that you can print out and share!

What other ways can you show kindness?  How are you being kind today?!


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