Fitness Friday – Checking In + January Goals

This is a once-a-month post to check in on how my fitness and nutrition has been in the past month.  Thanks for joining me on my fitness journey as I train for a half Ironman, find my new “normal” postpartum, and gain back my confidence!  I’d love to hear how you’re hitting your fitness goals this month.  Drop me a comment or shoot me an email.

I cannot believe it’s been two months since I wrote my first post announcing that I had signed up for a Half Ironman.  I mostly blogged about it so that I would be held accountable.  If it’s in my blog, I have to follow through with training, right?  That mindset worked great for me while I completed my Whole 30, and I’m hoping the same will ring true this training cycle.  But, in true Keep-Up fashion, I didn’t even write an update for November, so this is a catch up post!


I only ran four times this month for a total of 8.6 miles and an average pace of 12:10 min/mile.  While I wish that I had run more often, I was really happy with how the runs felt.  Yes, they were quite slow, but I know that this process of building my fitness base back up is going to take some time and I’m ok with that.

I also completed three weeks of GlowBody Fitness’ post-pregnancy program.  I’ve been bad about keeping consistency with these workouts week to week, so I’m happy that I did three weeks in a row.  I’m halfway through the program, so I want to keep it up and finally finish it (I started mid-May and it’s only a 12-week program, but with the move, I took a break and then started all over again this fall).

Probably the most beneficial thing I did this month was join the local YMCA.  I’d been considering several workout facilities and weighing the pros/cons while trying to fit into our budget.  I loved PureBarre when we were in NC, and I really enjoyed my workout at Orange Theory Fitness, but ultimately those memberships weren’t in our budget and would be hard to fit into my schedule because they don’t offer childcare.  Paying up to $20 a class plus finding/paying for a babysitter wasn’t going to work.  The YMCA has a pool, fitness classes, workout machines, etc.  And the best part: FREE CHILDCARE!!!!  I get 2 hours per day per kid, which makes the $70 membership worth it.  I went the other day, left the kids with the sweet childcare workers, went for a quick run and then sat in the sauna with a book.  It was heaven!  I’m looking forward to taking full advantage of all that the YMCA has to offer.


This month was better, but still not great.  (I have a horrible habit of making these great training plans and then not sticking to them).  The beginning of the month was a little rocky, but I redeemed myself in the last two weeks and actually managed to lose 2.5 pounds during the Christmas season which makes me feel really proud of my self-control!

My “big” goal for the month was to run an entire mile without stopping and I did it!  I actually ran 1.25 miles with a pace of 11:11, and it was way more mental than physical.  Physically am able to run a mile (or more) without stopping, but mentally I just fall apart.  I need to really work on my mental toughness if I want to succeed at training for the Ironman 70.3.

In December I ran 7 times for a total of 14.3 miles and an average pace of 11’49” mile.  I’m definitely sticking with a mantra of slow and steady because I want to build up my mileage without causing any injuries.

I also bought a used bike trainer from Facebook Marketplace so I can get some rides inside.  I completed several rides, and my goal is to increase my time “in the saddle” (aka getting my butt used to sitting on the seat for long periods of time).  The most time I’ve done has been about 40 minutes which is a good starting point.

As far as strength goes, I finished Phase 2 of my Glowbody PT plan.  I actually repeated the last two weeks a second time because I really liked the workouts, and I wanted the chance to increase my weights with the second time around.

Goals for January

Swim: swim at least 6 times (ideally 1-2x per week), start to feel comfortable in the pool
Bike: bike 1x per week – minimum of 40 minutes each, take two cycle/spin classes over the course of the month
Run: run 2-3x per week, be able to run 3 miles without stopping
Strength: finish Glowbody PT’s Post-pregnancy plan Phase 3 (out of 3)



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