TWINS: Nine Months

NINE MONTHS!  We have officially cruised into my favorite age!  The boys can do a lot for themselves (sit up, hold their own bottles, play with toys, move themselves to where they want to be, eat solids, etc) but they’re not walking or moving too much where it’s hard to keep up with them.  Their personalities are in full bloom, they give the best smiles and laughs, and they love to cuddle!  This is the stage I’ve been waiting for since they were born and I’m going to soak it all in!

The boys are still drinking formula, and I’m trying to incorporate solids when I can.  As much as I’d love to feed them purees, it’s a lot of work to when I’m home alone with all the kids, so I’ll give them pieces of bagels, protein waffles or fruit to eat on while I feed Elizabeth.  I’ve also been feeding them more of what we’re eating and so far they have loved everything that I’ve given them.

The boys are still doing an awesome job sleeping -shout out to our favorite sleep consultant Annie (you can find her here, she’s fabulous)!  The boys have been doing great.  They sleep 6pm -6:30am most nights, take a 1.5 hour nap in the morning, and then take another 45-60 minute nap in the afternoon.  I’m thrilled with how well they are sleeping.  The best part is that their afternoon nap lines up with Elizabeth’s nap so I get a solid 45 minutes to myself every afternoon!


Likes: getting into Oakley’s food and water bowl, crawling as fast as he can, people talking to him, looking out the front window
Dislikes: being too far away from where the action is, not getting as much food as his brother, being removed from eating the dog food

Personality: Sam still has all the emotions.  All.Of.Them.  He will go from unhappily shrieking one moment to fits of laughter the next – big emotional swings, but again – he’s his mama’s child!  Sam loves being where the action is and crawls so fast to get to where he wants/needs to be.  He’s so smart too, and will wait until I’m busy with Elizabeth or Henry to do his fast crawl and get into trouble (namely the dog food/water).  If I catch him on his way to getting into trouble, he’s sit really still and suck his thumb quite innocently until I go back to his brother or sister.  He is sneaky and I think it’s adorable (for now at least)!

Milestones: There weren’t too many new milestones this month, but a lot of improvement of everything he’s learned.  Sam is a pro at crawling and pulling up onto everything.  He’s cruising pretty well on the furniture and has great balance.  He can officially do stairs so we have to be really careful to keep the gates shut. Sam’s hand-eye coordination is great too and he’s grabbing all the things within reach. Sam is also making stringing together some sounds like mama, baba, dada, etc.  He doesn’t say them a lot as he prefers to just make lots of noise instead, but he is “talking”.


Likes: playing with his big sister, his mama, grabbing at his dog, playing with big sister’s toys whether she wants him to or not, crawling on top of his brother and sister
Dislikes: Henry has continued his streak of being such a laid back baby. He is pretty much content no matter where we set him down.  He is a little more hesitant around strangers than Sam, but usually warms up to new friends.

Personality: Henry is still my chill boy (he gets that from his dad).  This month though, he’s really holding his own versus Sam and Elizabeth.  He is starting to crawl on them and bang his hands against them when they are on the ground near him.  He is my sweet, happy boy and even though he is hesitant around others, he is so liberal with his smiles for his mommy!

Milestones: Henry has caught up to Sam on everything.  He’s a titch slower in crawling, but still pretty dang fast.  He’s also sitting up really well, pulling up to stand, climbing stairs and has great hand-eye coordination. Henry’s “vocab” has also expanded to “mama” on top of the other syllables which makes my mama heart so happy.  Sam is the louder of the two, but I think Henry will be talking first!

***Henry is getting his third tooth in so he has pulled ahead of Sam in the tooth count!


This picture totally sums up their personalities so well. They put up with all her “love”.

Elizabeth is the BEST big sister.  She is so concerned when a baby is crying, asks for them first thing in the morning, gets them toys when they are fussing, and attempts to move them if they get stuck.  She interacts with them a lot more.  The boys love to crawl on top of her, and she will sometimes pull them onto her lap and sing to them (which is the most precious thing ever).  I worry about them less since they are more stable, but we still use the word “gentle” many times a day.

We are also working on sharing.  Sometimes E is all about sharing her toys and the three of them will play together all adorably, and the next moment she’s screaming for me to move the boys away from her toys.  But they mostly get along and play together and it melts my mama heart.  I love watching them play together and look forward to seeing their relationship grow.

She insists on pulling them in the wagon – even though it’s close to 50 pounds! But she actually does pretty well.

After Elizabeth was born, I kept saying I wanted her to be at least 3 before we started trying for another child, but I am so thankful that God knew better than us.  Having three children under the age of three is challenging and some days exhausting, but it is so much fun and I’m thankful they will be close in age for the rest of their lives.

Mom and Dad

Getting a full night’s sleep is a serious game changer, so I really can’t complain too much.  The boys are on the move, and getting faster every day, so I know that we will have to adapt to having three kids going their separate directions.  For now, we are taking it one day at a time.

I loved the 9-12 month age with Elizabeth, so I am really looking forward to the next few months.  I feel like we have hit the sweet spot of parenting, and while I know it’s fleeting, I’m going to take it all in and enjoy it while I can!

Sam was sick and inconsolable – daddy (and pup) to the rescue!
Sam always has to be as close to the action as possible.

Adventures and Experiences

Our major adventure of the month was getting away for a mini vacation in Vermont and New Hampshire.  The boys did so great in the car and spending the night in a hotel in their own pack n plays.  Their grandma and grandpa Lew also came for a short visit so they received a lot of attention!


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