Rise.Run.Retreat and I’ll Have Another Podcast Live Show

About a week ago I did something just for me: I went on a solo trip up to New Hampshire for live recording of the Podcast “I’ll Have Another” with Lindsey Hein.  The meet-up was put on by Sarah Canney – known on Instagram as runfargirl – and co-founder of Run.Rise.Retreat and she puts on amazing running weekends and meet-ups for women.

I’ve been following Sarah on IG for years, and once I got over the shock of us moving to New England, I knew that I wanted to attend one of her events!  When she announced that Run.Rise.Retreat would be hosting Lindsey Hein for a live recording of her podcast  , I bought my ticket and put it on our family calendar!   Although I had never listened to “I’ll Have Another” (if I’m being completely honest, I had never listened to a podcast before…I’m a little late to the party), I immediately downloaded all her available episodes and started listening to them on my runs, in the car, and while doing housework.  I loved hearing the stories of ordinary runners as well as some of the biggest names in marathon.  The more I listened, the more excited I was to attend a live taping.

So Friday evening, I jumped into my car alone – it took approximately 30 seconds to get myself out the door since I didn’t have car seats, blankets, snacks, diaper bags, or a toddler who insists on doing everything herself – and headed up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

The panel for Lindsey’s live show consisted of three women of all ages and all walks of life.

Deb Gardner – mother of SIX who has completed a marathon in every state and biked across the country!
Katie Edwards – working mother of 3 who qualified for the Olympic Trials in 2016.
Jessica Goldman – an ultra marathoner/trail runner who has biked AND run across the country!

I’ll let you listen for yourself here, but it was an incredibly inspirational panel.  Sometimes I get down on myself at how far my fitness has slipped since having children.  I was constantly hitting PRs at races, and now my current goal is to run a 5k without stopping.  BUT, what I learned while listening to this panel is that these women are also living every day lives filled with children, work, and social lives and they are still conquering huge goals.

I was able to talk to Deb for a bit after and was so encouraged by her.  She just kept saying “make a plan”, and when I told her my goal to run an Ironman 70.3 she started asking questions.  How are you going to fit in the training?  Where are you going to train?  Who is going to help you?  These aren’t questions I had even asked myself yet, so the next morning I sat down and made a plan to help me meet this huge goal.

Let me tell you, there was a titch of apprehension when I walked into the Portsmouth Gas Company and upstairs.  All the women in line ahead of me seemed to have arrived with their running partners or running groups.  I walk the line between being an introvert and an extrovert, and both of them were slightly panicking at the thought of spending three hours in a room full of strangers that already seemed to know each other.  BUT, thankfully my fears were quickly pushed aside when I met Kim and Dana in line.  Kim qualified for Boston 2019, so we chatted about that while we waited to check in.  When we got into the room, we joined Andrea at her table and bam- instant group of friends!  Obviously we all had running in common which tends to keep the conversation flowing.  After the show, the three of us walked next door for a late dinner filled with stories and laughter.  It was so much fun to have a conversation with other women that didn’t center around my children.  (I love my babies fiercely, but it’s nice to leave that world at times.)

I am so glad that I left the “mom zone” and ventured to New Hampshire.  The taping of the podcast, listening to the panel, and meeting other runners just like me was exactly the kick in the pants that I needed to go after my dreams.  I love being a mom and wife, but I don’t want to sit on the sidelines anymore and wait for them to grow up before I start doing what I love to do.

What big goals do you have for yourself for the next year?  Where are you finding your inspiration?  How are you meeting those goals?




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