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The Man Behind the Blog – Veterans Day Edition

Several years ago, many of the blogs I followed included a somewhat regular post about the boyfriend/husband of the blogger and I always found it interesting to read their opinions about the blog. I thought it was fun to read a little about the men who support their blogging and wanted to share my own “man behind the blog” because he truly is one of my biggest supporters.

Our Story

Does anyone else love hearing about how others met/got engaged or is it just me?  Don and I met at a wedding in December 2011.  His college buddy was marrying one of my best friends and we were both in the wedding party.  I had just returned home after spending two years serving as a missionary in Honduras, and he had only been home days after returning from his first deployment to Afghanistan.  We hit it off immediately, stayed in contact for a month or so and then didn’t talk for several months.  In May 2012, he called me out of the blue and the rest was history.  We dated long distance (and through a deployment) until February 2014 when he proposed.

December 2011 – and the rest is history.
December 2013: Homecoming after his second deployment


What Does He Do?

Don serves as an Army Combat Engineer.  Their main job is to provide mobility, counter-mobility, and survivability. (Don’s words) My definition of this is that their job is to provide support by “clearing the way”.  They build bridges, search out and detonate IEDs safely, and other jobs that support the Army’s mission.

Don’s first command was in a company that jumped INTO trees. Their job was to be the first on the ground in order to clear the way for jump zones.  Their gear looked like a hockey goalies uniform and included a chainsaw!

A picture of him hanging in a tree post jump.

Don’s second command was at the Sapper Leader Course which is the main training course for Engineers.

Repping Sapper Leader Course

He also deployed twice to Afghanistan as a Lieutenant.  We have been very fortunate so far in our military career that he has really enjoyed all the positions he has held, especially his time in command.

Currently Don is a full time graduate student at MIT, getting his Masters in System and Design Management.  He’ll get a degree in Engineering Management and will graduate June 2020.

What’s Next?

We actually aren’t 100% sure.  Don will be at school until summer 2020, and then hopefully we will head to ILE/CGSC (I call it major school).  We won’t find out until early 2020 if Don has been promoted to Major, so things are up in the air until then.

What we do know, is that Don owes six more years to the Army since they are paying for his grad school, so we will go where they send us for the foreseeable future.  If everything goes according to plan, Don will stay in for 20 years and hopefully retire as a Colonel.

What I Like Most About the Army

Um, the insurance is pretty great!  But seriously, having the opportunity to live in and discover so many places in the US has been so wonderful.  We have also met the best people and have found that the military community is always willing to welcome us with open arms.  Moving every six months to three years means we are continuously staring over, but we have been very fortunate so far.

June 2014: Pinning on Captain


What does your significant other do to support your hobbies?  What else do you want to know about my man behind the blog?

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8 thoughts on “The Man Behind the Blog – Veterans Day Edition

    1. Agh, I’m just seeing this now! I hope you are finding things to do – there are a lot of beautiful trails on and off base. And Rolla has some good food options as well.

  1. I loved reading your story and learning a little more, Katie! Military life has its hardships, but you’re definitely a champion rolling with the changes! I always hope that one day I’ll be stationed with all of my military blogger friends 😉 we have 9 years left – just under haha

    1. Thank you, I don’t always have the best attitude, but I’m getting better at seeing the positives. I hope so too, we have like 12 (I think), so there’s still a chance!

  2. These throwback pictures are the absolute best! You really are a very sweet, adorable couple! I really enjoyed this post and getting to know you guys and your story better!

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