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Whole 30: Days 22, 23, 24

Day 22

Nothing major to report today.  This is where Whole 30 is getting boring.  I’m not really experiencing food boredom because we are mixing up dinners, but I’m bored of the whole routine – saying no to things, thinking about meals, preparing to be done with the program, etc.

The positive in all this is that we are having a lot of adventures outside of the house because I’m making an effort to keep us all busy and keep me from just mindlessly snacking. We are experiencing the fall here in New England as much as we can before it gets cold.

Breakfast: chicken sausage with bell peppers and onions
Lunch: a modge-podge of all the leftovers still in the fridge
Dinner: crockpot gumbo and a salad
(I really enjoyed this recipe – it was just a hint spicy – but I definitely overcooked it so watch your pot or cook it on low vs high)




Day 23

Today was a good day on Whole 30, but I’m still not feeling that super energy (I did on Day 21, when I was super productive, but it has eluded me since).  In fact, I’m feeling more tired if that’s possible.  I’m doing my best to eat enough calories and keep up my water, but it has been a challenge most days.

Elizabeth was up an hour earlier than usual, so we made some banana bread for breakfast.  As much as I wanted to pop a piece into my mouth, I resisted which makes me proud of myself.  I’ve said it to my family and friends, I’m doing Whole30 because my eating habits were out of control and I really needed to get a hold on what I was putting in my mouth.  I definitely feel like I’ve accomplished that goal so I’m happy with whatever results come from this.

Breakfast: eggs with chicken and spinach
Lunch: big salad with a side of gumbo
Dinner: grilled shrimp with sweet potato and green beans
(this has been a favorite of mine for several years, just make sure your mustard is compliant)

So proud of the banana bread she made.

Day 24

Today’s journal entry talked about going out into social situations and not just hiding in our house because of what we “can’t” eat.  It was appropriately timed, because I had a spouse club social that included dinner and a movie on the schedule for tonight.

It was definitely hard to look at the table loaded with candy, cookies, popcorn, pizza and caramel apples, but I made myself a nice salad and treated myself to some fruit and didn’t feel so bad.  Plus no guilt for over-eating junk so that’s a win.

Breakfast: Rx Bar and coffee (again, not the best choice, but I was not in the mood)
Lunch: leftover gumbo
Dinner: salad with veggies (at social event), spinach and turkey rolls (when I got home)

This fall weather in incredible, so we’re focusing on getting outdoors instead of snacking.

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