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Whole 30: Days 16, 17, 18

Day 16

I’ve had my eye on day 16 since I began Whole30 because it’s just past the halfway point and I knew if I got here, it would be so easier to keep going (because who wants to quit after hitting the halfway mark?).  So you better believe I’m doing a little happy dance and humble bragging over here!

Nap time called for some serious meal prep and veggie chopping!

Also, I woke up with a nice little headache this morning which I’m going to blame on my horrendous lack of water yesterday.  I started Whole30 drinking almost a gallon a day and yesterday I didn’t even get the recommended 64 oz.  So from here on out, my aim is to get back to a gallon of water a day.

Breakfast: Trader Joe’s chicken sausage, 1 scrambled egg with spinach, grapes
Lunch: spinach wrapped in deli turkey (Trader Joe’s has compliant deli meat – yay!!)
Dinner: beef and broccoli w/riced cauliflower

Day 17

Now that I’m on the back half of the Whole30, I’m really working on reigning in some not-so-great habits especially snacking in between meals.  Today’s journal entry especially hit that home with a section about our body’s needing time in between meals to properly digest the food and maintain all our systems.  At the beginning of the plan I was just trying to get through each day so I let myself have a Larabar, apple + almond butter, fruit, or slices of compliant deli meat.  But now that I’m feeling more confident, I want to cut out snacking as a crutch.

I was successful on the no-snack front.  I bought a few RxBars (because they have a lot more protein than Larabars) to use in case I get stuck without food and for post-workouts.  I ran 2 miles to pick up Elizabeth from daycare and then walked 1 mile back, so I felt like the Rx bar was necessary since I’m pretty sure I haven’t been getting enough calories.  So, I consider today a success as far as the “no snacking” rule goes.

Breakfast: sauteed spinach and onion with Costco grilled chicken strips and 1/2 avocado
Lunch: leftover pork carnitas with cabbage slaw and guacamole w/apple
Dinner: Teriyaki Chicken & Pineapple Kebabs
(another easy and delicious recipe)



His first time in a grocery cart – helping me stock up on Whole30 foods!

Day 18

This is around the time that most people experience “Tiger Blood” aka their energy is increased and they feel like they can do all the things.  I am still waiting for this to kick in.  I calculated my calories eaten yesterday (you’re not really supposed to do that on Whole30, but I felt like I wasn’t eating the amount I should be), and sure enough, I barely hit 1,200 calories for the day.  So today my goal was to add a little bit more fat to each meal so that I could hit my calorie goal.  I’m hoping the lack of calories may be playing a part in my low energy.

However, I am getting less sleep than I was pre-Whole30 (because I keep getting sucked into the books I’m reading) and still waking feeling well rested so obviously my sleep is better.  I’m also not indulging in my afternoon coffee/caffeine fix so that’s a plus!

Today was the one day that I almost intentionally cheated and it was for a stupid tortilla chip!  I stocked up on guacamole and Elizabeth dug into it with tortilla chips.  I just really wanted to eat a tortilla with guac on it!!  Thankfully it passed and I’m glad I didn’t give in – I would have been so annoyed with myself for giving up 18 days worth of good eating for a tortilla chip.

Breakfast: chicken sausage w/bell peppers and onion; 1/2 avocado
Lunch: buffalo chicken, sweet potato and guacamole
Dinner: salad w/romaine lettuce, spinach, garden veggies, sliced turkey, and hard-boiled egg; dessert of strawberries and pineapple





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