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Whole 30: Day 13, 14, 15

Day 13

Another good day on the Whole30 (are you sick of hearing that yet)?  I’m starting to see a difference in my body when I look in the mirror which is a great feeling.  And even better than that – I finally fit into a pair of skinny jeans I’ve been holding onto for a while!

We spent the morning in Salem, MA which was a great distraction from Whole30.  Sometimes the hardest part is sitting at home looking at all the foods I can’t have (especially when Don is home on the weekends and is eating that food), so leaving home helps break up the monotony.

Breakfast: veggie omelet w/avocado and salsa
Lunch: sweet potato, egg roll in a bowl
Dinner: pork carnitas with cabbage slaw and avocado
(This is the best carnita recipe and it makes a ton!  I make it in my crock pot and then portion leftovers into mason jars to put in the freezer.  It makes for a super easy dinner on night’s that we’re rushed. Also, I used the leftover cabbage slaw from the fish tacos, but it’s just as good on a bed of lettuce.)



Day 14

Let’s just call this the day where everything could have gone wrong…but didn’t!

We had plans to meet some friends at an apple orchard/pumpkin patch about 11, so basically I just packed a bunch of Whole30 snacks: lemon larabar, seaweed, nuts, lots of water.  In hind site, I should have just eaten an early lunch to keep me full because I felt like I spent all day snacking which isn’t great. I ate a few apples, and then turned down the best smelling apple crisp topped with ice cream, home-made warm apple cider donuts, and hand-pressed hot apple cider.  I’m not a big apple crisp person, but it was hard watching everyone else indulge in the donuts.  This is where my mantra came clutch:

This food will still be here at the end of Whole30

Elizabeth and Don happily ate the non-compliant food!

So, so true.  My whole 30 ends on October 25th, so I could probably make one more trip to the orchard before the season is over.  The best part about saying NO (whether it’s to someone or just an internal denial) is that it gives me a HUGE confidence boost and keeps me motivated to keep going.

We spent much longer at the farm than I had expected – because we were having a lot of fun – and by the time we got home, I realized I only had 45 minutes before I was leaving to go workout.  I scrambled to find something to eat and threw some sweet potatoes in the oven to roast, but we were pretty short on food that wouldn’t require any prep.  (I was trying to get myself ready, unload the car, pay attention to the kids, etc).  The sweet potatoes weren’t ready in time so I grabbed some Costco grilled chicken strips and dipped them (cold) in guacamole.  At this point I was just desperate to get some food in my belly so I wouldn’t die!

My neighbor invited me to attend my first Orange Theory Fitness class with her and it kicked my butt but was also so great!  I could definitely tell a difference in my workout since I’ve been eating good, nutrient dense food.  After the workout I rushed home and devoured my dinner since I had burned 450 calories!  I knew I needed more calories, so I ate a sweet potato after all the kids were in bed.

Look at those calories burned!

(This was a super long recap, but I was just so proud of my will-power AND my ability to complete a workout despite not having a “perfect” day)

Breakfast: veggie omelet with salsa
Lunch: all the snacks
Dinner: pork carnitas with cabbage slaw and avocado

Day 15

I was shocked to wake up this morning and not be in pain from yesterdays workout!  It included lunges, kettle-bell swings, rowing and inclines and I thought for sure my legs would be sore but nothing.  I’m going to go ahead and give credit to not eating foods that could cause inflammation.   YAY!

We made a trip to the grocery and Trader Moes and I stocked up on compliant foods to mix things up a bit.  I have definitely hit the point where I’m over eggs, but I’m also half way through Whole30!!!

Breakfast: sauteed spinach, onion, and grilled chicken
Lunch: leftover pork carnitas
Dinner: buffalo chicken and sweet potato
(we used this recipe again)





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    1. I felt the same way, so I decided to try it out. My goal is to make things as easy for myself as possible – some recipes are just too much planning/shopping/prep. The best thing is that Don has liked everything I’ve made and Elizabeth is willing to try it!

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