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Whole 30: Day 7, 8, 9

Still cruising right along with Whole 30.  Keeping my mantra in the back of my mind at all times.  This food will still be here when the challenge is over.

Day 7

Today was the worst day so far of Whole30.  I felt my impatience and anger get the best of me.  I think Don was a little hesitant to leave the house after I yelled at the dog (for getting trapped in the kitchen for the 5th time that morning) and at Elizabeth for kicking Sam in the face.  But I pulled it together and tried to make the best of the day. It didn’t help that Elizabeth skipped her nap again (we’re at that age where she’s almost ready to drop it and I’m dreading it).

I spent most of the day hoovering between being super annoyed at all the crying/whining, and then feeling mom guilt for being short with them and turning on the TV to distract them and get stuff done.  Guilt + annoyance is not a good recipe for sticking to a carb-free plan.  Add to that a new friend who came over and brought pastries and it could have been a disaster.  I was quite pleased that I didn’t give in to the cravings (totally patting myself on the back here).

My NSV (non-scale victory) was taking all three kids for a mile walk on the MinuteMan trail.  I pushed the boys and E managed to run about 3/4s of the way she asked to be carried in the Ergo.

Tomorrow is a new day and I’m looking forward to a fresh start for all of us.

Breakfast: chicken sausage with sauteed spinach, bell pepper, onion
Lunch: sweet potato, buffalo chicken and guacamole (this lunch is sooo good and I was craving it all morning)
Dinner: fish tacos w/cabbage slaw
I’ve been making this recipe regularly and just omitted the sauce and the tortilla.  spoiler alert – it’s not as good without those two things, but it was still good and a nice break from chicken)


Carrying a 30+ pound toddler, pushing 35+ pounds of twin…definitely got my workout in!

Day 8

I woke up at 6:40 and realized – everyone was still sleeping (YAY!)  I had set an alarm for 6 and we all slept through it. For the last few nights I sleep hard, but wake up several times a night which is a little annoying.  I know a break in sleep is par for the course, but I’m hoping my body will reset soon.

The Whole30 journal I have talked today about sugar and not giving into the cravings.  One thing that really stuck with me was that our brain doesn’t know the difference between a Snickers bar and a Larabar (even though Larabars are Whole30 compliant), all it knows is that it wanted sugar and it got sugar.  I really took that to heart and made it my goal not to eat a Larabar when hunger struck.  I also tried to cut back on eating fruit when I was hungry.  I’m happy to report that I was successful and made good choices when I got hungry between meals.

I know I’ve talked about this a lot, but I’m really proud of my discipline here.  I seriously lack in that department, so this has been a huge boost to my confidence that I hope carries over into the following months.

Breakfast: eggs w/veggies and grilled chicken, 1/2 avocado
Lunch: leftover egg roll in a bowl
Dinner: Kirkland pulled pork with roasted beets, guacamole and plantain chips
**This is the easiest of the meals.  All I did was pull the pack of pork from the fridge, heat it in the microwave for 7 minutes and BAM – dinner is done!

Getting fresh air and exercise!

Day 9

I slept even worse last night than the previous nights, which is super frustrating.  Today just wasn’t a great day in general, but I know there will be days like that.  We tried to keep busy while also working around nap schedules, but after everyone took a car nap on the way to meet with friends – I came home and binged on plantain chips and guac.  (I know that plantain chips were compliant and then they were changed to non-compliant, but I allow myself to eat them at times – although not after today…)  It was bad.  So bad that I ended up forgoing dinner because I was so full.

So, there are definitely bad days on Whole30, but I still stayed compliant and was able to check one more day off my Whole30 journey.  Officially 3/10 of the way done which feels good.  Slowly approaching the half way mark.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with spinach
Lunch: sweet potato, bbq chicken, guacamole – this is probably my favorite meal to eat; I’m going to make another big batch for next week
Dinner: plantain chips and guacamole – so bad, I know.

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