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Whole 30: Day 1, 2, 3


If you follow me on Instagram, you know that on Tuesday I started Whole30 after a few days of binging on birthday cake and ice cream.  I’ve been toying with the idea for a while, but once we weaned the boys I knew I really wanted to do this.  It’s not so much about weight loss (although that would be fabulous) as much as working on discipline.  I ate so well after the boys were born – lots of salads and fresh foods, but after a long move (living with my parents for 3 weeks, eating at all my favorite places in Wisconsin, having way too much road trip snacks, ordering take out while we unpacked), I totally fell off the wagon and was in need of a reset.

Follow along on my blog and on Instagram (keep_upkate) as I document each day of my Whole30 Journey.  Let me know if you have any great recipes or tips – I’ll take all the help I can get!

Day 1

I woke up day one feeling great.  Drinking black coffee was no big deal, breakfast was easy, I threw chicken in the pressure cooker for lunch, etc.  I really didn’t feel restricted at all on day one, mostly just excitement for one is to come.

I did find myself scanning the kitchen a lot for something to eat and would have to ask myself if I was really hungry or just needed something to do.

Breakfast: chicken sausage, bell peppers, half avocado
Lunch: salsa chicken, kale chips, strawberries
Dinner: salmon and asparagus (recipe here – just replace butter for ghee and omit the parm cheese)

Using a toddler plate to stage my food – classy!


Day 2

I woke up this morning and got out of bed very tentatively.  I had read that I could have flu-like symptoms, headaches, fogginess, or feel super sluggish/in need of sugar.  So imagine my surprise when I got out of bed and felt like my regular self (which is good because it was 5:30 am and I had two crying babies to tend to).

Honestly, I didn’t feel any different than I did during the boys’ 4 month sleep regression.  I was tired and had an itty-bitty headache and found myself kind of just staring into space.  Thankfully nothing major and I was still able to care for my babies, host a play-date, and complete 4 loads of laundry!

Breakfast: veggie and egg scramble with half avocado
Lunch: roasted sweet potato, salsa chicken, raw garden veggies
Dinner: beef and broccoli
I used this recipe and it was SO good and EASY!  Don took one bite and told me he liked it better than the beef and broccoli I usually make.  So a win on all accounts!

Got halfway through my dinner before I realized I needed a picture – that’s how good it was!
100% non-compliant, but she’s so cute.

Day 3

I woke up to a dog barking and realized it was 6:45 – what!?!  Usually the boys are up by 5:30, so I was so thankful for an extra hour of sleep.  Again, I felt so good when I woke up, even though I was expecting a sugar-detox headache or feeling faint.

Today I felt very clumsy.  While I was trying to clean up my bathroom I kept dropping things, put items in the wrong drawer, and could not get the cap on my contact lens case – it was a total struggle.  I’m going to chalk it up to a little brain fogginess, because I know it’s not due to lack of sleep!

Doing Elizabeth’s bedtime routine made me realize how tired I was, so I headed to bed not long after, but if that was my only major symptom today – I will take it!

Breakfast: chicken sausage w/bell peppers and onions, half avocado
Lunch: salsa chicken in romaine lettuce bowls w/radishes
Dinner: buffalo chicken sweet potato bowls and broccoli
Another killer recipe thanks to pinterest.  Again, quite easy to make and husband approved!

Day 1-3 Reflection

When E was about 9 months old, I made it to day 16, but the first three days were awful.  I was miserable, I felt like crap (seriously had sugar withdrawal symptoms) and it just wasn’t great.  Needless to say, I was expecting the worst and have been pleasantly surprised.  I think my mindset is totally different this time and I’m able to be my own cheerleader.

Because I know that the first few days can be difficult, I am so much more aware of my emotions and trying not to get frustrated at Don or the kids for little things.  Don actually agreed that I’ve been more patient with everyone in our household these few days.  That’s a win in itself.  I really hope I can continue to feel good and keep my emotions in check for the next 27 days, but I am feeling great and 10% of the way done!!

Talk to me: have you done Whole 30 before?  Do you have any tips or great recipes?

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