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TWINS: 6 Months

How are my babies already six months old?  It’s so surreal to me.  Their personalities come out more and more each day, and they are closing in on one of my favorite ages.


Stats: Their 6 month appointment is next week, so I’ll update then.  But if I had to guess, I’d say he’s at least 16.5 pounds.

Likes: socializing – if someone is talking to him, he is a happy camper, big sister, playing peekaboo

Dislikes: everything else – or so it seems.  Sam gets super fussy if he’s “ignored” too long – aka if we’re tending to another sibling.  I would say he is the most needy of the three.

Personality: We call Sam “the squawker” because he is always making noise.  Sometimes he makes noise because he’s happy and chatty, but usually he’s just upset that he’s not getting everyone’s full attention.  Thankfully he adores his big sister, and she is more than happy to sing, make faces and play peek-a-boo with him which he loves!

Sleeping: This month has been better, but still not as good as it once was.  Sammy sleeps super well until about 2am and then is up every hour or so because his paci falls out.  I need to just break them both of this habit.  He also is an early riser which drives me a little crazy.  He’ll wake for the day anywhere from 4-6am.  It helps me be somewhat productive, but I would rather be sleeping.

Milestones: This month Sammy is doing all the things!  He is rolling a ton, creeping on his tummy, getting onto all fours and rocking, and sitting up by himself for 10-30 seconds at a time. He wants to crawl SO BADLY, which is one of the reasons he’s so fussy – he is so frustrated being stationary.

Teething with no teeth yet – but there is so much drool coming out of this boy’s mouth, and he is chewing on everything.

My favorite part so far has been watching how much the three kids are interacting now.  The boys will roll towards each other to play, and they are starting to love their big sister (the feeling is mutual, thankfully)!  I’m so looking forward to watching these relationships grow.


Stats: We won’t know until his 6-month appointment but I know he’s growing and would guess he’s pretty close to 17 pounds.

Likes: eating, grabbing at everything he sees: sister’s toys, his toys, his sister’s hair (she’s not loving that part), people talking to him – his face lights up when he gets attention

Dislikes: Henry rarely cries.  Even during our long road trip, he was pretty content and I could never tell if he was awake or asleep.  Sometimes Elizabeth is a little too rough and he’ll cry, but other than that, he is so relaxed.

Personality: Last month I wrote “Henry takes after his daddy, he is super even-tempered and doesn’t get super emotional about anything”.  Nothing has changed there.  He’s still pretty content with his circumstances. He’s totally a mommy’s boy and I absolutely love it!

Sleeping: He’s doing better than he was last month, but still waking more often than I would like.  We’re working on getting him to sleep longer periods because I am exhausted!

Milestones: Henry is just a step behind Sammy with everything.  He can also get on all fours to rock, sit up for 10-30 seconds, roll in all directions and put pressure on his legs to stand – he just did them a few days behind Sammy.  Henry has great hand/eye coordination though.  He is so good at grabbing things and holding onto them.  He made Elizabeth cry the other day by grabbing a huge chunk of her hair and pulling it towards his mouth.  (Oops…but I can’t say she didn’t have it coming.)


Highs: Elizabeth is interacting with the boys so much more!  She reads to them, (sometimes) shares her toys, sings to them, and plays peek-a-boo with them.  They are the first ones she asks about when she wakes up in the morning “boys sleeping?” and is always checking to see if she knows where both of them are.  She hates it when they cry and will run to get them a paci or a toy to make them happy.

Lows: Honestly, things have been good.  The only complaints I have are that she sometimes is too rough when she plays with them and she’s been trying to share her food with them which is an obvious no-no.  But honestly, both those complaints are minuscule because she loves them and wants to be with them which is a win.

Mom and Dad

I’m still tired from waking up so much at night, and Sammy’s early mornings are really hard on me.  Thankfully we’ve had a lot of help from my parents and Don’s parents, and Don has been home (up until yesterday), so there’s been a lot of divide and conquering.

The hardest part of the month was trying to unpack and organize our new house while also tending to the needs of three children.  It took us probably three times longer than our moves without children.

Adventures and Experiences

Our adventures in Wisconsin continued, and then we hit the road August 1st for Massachusetts.  All the kids did an awesome job in the car and in the hotels (the boys slept the best they had all month while we were in the hotels).  They visited three National Parks – their first of many and traveled through 14 states during our trek!  The boys attended Don’s best friend’s wedding in Maryland (while E spent the weekend with grandma and grandpa), and they have adjusted to being in a new house.

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