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6 Things I’m Focusing On After Our PCS

Well friends, we are officially one week (and one day) out from when the movers came and unloaded all of our household goods into our new home.  Normally by this point, our new home is completely set up and we are settling into life at our new duty station.

This has been a much different move for us.  Part of it is because Don is following a grad school schedule, not an army schedule so instead of getting 10 days from the day we arrived in Massachusetts, he has until the 20th of August when orientation begins.  Another part is that we spent four days out of state for a friend’s wedding, which meant we lost four days of unpacking.  And probably the biggest part is that we have three babies that we are trying to take care of while also unpacking and setting up our house.

I severely underestimated what a challenge it would be to do things with three children who need almost constant attention.  We basically have to take shifts.  Don unpacks for an hour or so and then I get my chance.  Or, we’ve been trying to unpack after they all go to bed, but since E’s bedtime is 8pm, it doesn’t give us a ton of time (especially because I really need sleep and I’m getting up 4-5 times a night with the boys).

With that being said (long introduction – oops), there are SIX things I really want to focus on in the next four weeks.  (I’m giving myself more time and grace to complete these tasks, but also want to be done with them by the time my mom gets here for a visit!)

1. Organize All the Spaces

All the boxes in the house are unpacked (praise hands), but things have to be organized into closets/drawers/etc.  I’m glad to be done with the boxes and paper, but hate seeing the counters full of stuff or opening a closet door and seeing piles.  My goal is to work on a few spaces a day so that everything is in it’s permanent spot.

Also, organizing means doing ALL the laundry.  All our clothes smell like cardboard boxes after sitting for over a month.  As I’m folding laundry, I’m putting it where it goes, but I’ve been doing 4-5 loads a day and it feels un-ending (especially since we are continuing to create dirty laundry).

2. Find new physicians/vets and schedule appointments

We are still covered by army insurance, but Don had to switch regions, and now I get to choose our PCM (Primary Care Managers).  I already registered the kids and scheduled appointments with a pediatrician that came highly recommended by neighbors, but I need to set mine up and I’d like to have a quick check up.  I also need to find a dentist for E and me, get an annual eye exam, find a dermatologist for my yearly skin checks, and schedule a vet and groomer for Oakley.  Phew…it’s not hard, just takes time and lots of phone calls.

3. Find a daycare/childcare for E and potential babysitters

We dearly miss Elizabeth’s daycare teacher, but it was such a great experience for all of us, that I knew I wanted her to go somewhere to help her socialize and give me a little break.  I’ve been looking for a while but childcare in Massachusetts is EXPENSIVE!   Now that I’m getting over sticker shock, I’m realizing that a lot of the programs are for kids 3+ or require them to go full time.  I’m going to keep looking though because sweet E is too social to be home with me all day.

In addition, we’ll obviously be wanting child-free time, so I need to find some baby sitters that are local just to have on call when we decide to get away.

4. Find a few ways to get involved

There is a bible study and a spouse club here on base that I’m hoping will work with our schedule (and hopefully have childcare).  I would also like to get involved in the surrounding communities and possibly with MIT spouses.  I’d also love to find a place that I can volunteer.  One of the hard things about starting over every couple years is having to make new friends, so getting involved right away is one easy way to do so.

5. Explore Boston at least 1 time

We live a few miles north of Boston, but with traffic, it can be up to an hour drive.  I really don’t want this to hinder us from exploring because there is so much to do and see and I don’t want to miss out.  We will probably never be stationed in this area again, so I want to take full advantage.

6. Find a workout home base

When we lived in North Carolina, I started going to Pure Barre and loved it.  I really enjoyed seeing familiar faces at my regular classes, and I was thrilled with the results I was seeing.  Plus, it was so nice to have “me” time away every couple of days.  Now that we are close to Boston there are so many options for workout facilities: gyms, Pure Barre, Orange Theory, etc.  I’m going to do my homework and I hope to find another workout home that I love.


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4 thoughts on “6 Things I’m Focusing On After Our PCS

  1. I can’t wait to see which fitness avenue you pursue! I feel like fitness/workouts are such a personal thing, because it’s so many different factors to consider. We don’t have a ton of options here, but I SO WISH our OTF was closer/more affordable, because rave about it!

    1. Thank you, I totally agree! We have OTF close by and I’m super intrigued by it, but I agree – it’s a little pricey. Maybe I’ll have to start requesting gift cards to fitness locations for my birthday!

  2. I know you’re going to find the perfect fitness routine. It’s so vital to have that time for yourself to just recharge and refocus.

    1. Thank you, I think so too. We’ve talked so much about how it’s something I NEED to do for me, so we just have to figure out Don’s schedule first for me to work around.

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