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Coffee Catch Up

If we were getting coffee, I’d apologize that it has been so long since we last caught up.  I’d admit that the reason I haven’t done a “catch up” is because every time I started to, I realized that everything felt so negative and I didn’t want to be that person – complaining about circumstances that seem like mountains to me, but are really just molehills.

If we were getting coffee, I’d tell you that Don got accepted into grad school at MIT in Cambridge, MA and that we just moved into our new home north of the city.  We are in the process of unpacking, and are drowning in boxes, but I hope to be all organized by the 20th, when Don has to report for orientation.

If we were getting coffee, I’d brag about how amazing the kids did on our move and cross-country road trip.  We spent three weeks living with my parents while we tried to find housing, then spent three days driving from WI to MA and then spent another three days living in an empty house waiting for our household goods to get delivered.  (I guess we have a thing with the number three).

She’s a pro at road trips- sunglasses, blanket, snacks, ipad.

If we were getting coffee, I’d laugh and tell you that not even a week later (aka last Friday), we loaded the kids back into the car and drove from Massachusetts to Maryland to see one of Don’s best friends get married.  It was worth all the driving because it was a beautiful wedding in a beautiful location, and I love Don’s friends and their wives.

Enjoying tummy time on the hotel bed!

If we were getting coffee, I’d confess that I’m nervous about the next couple of weeks.  Don starts classes soon, and then I’ll go back to the stay-at-home-mom life.  Finding an affordable daycare is proving to be harder than I thought, but I know it’s what Elizabeth needs – just a few days a week to socialize and learn from other kids/adults.  In addition to finding childcare, I also have to find new doctors for all of us, a new vet/groomer for Oakley, and start the process of making friends.  This is the part of the moving with the army that is the hardest.

If we were getting coffee, I’d thank you for being patient with me during all of this.  My blog has been silent, my time for returning texts/emails/phone calls has been atrocious, and I haven’t done anything as far as Norwex is concerned.  But I’m so glad for the time spent with family, and especially for having Don home, and once I find a daycare for E, I hope to be a better friend/blogger/consultant.

My handsome wedding date at a beautiful location!

If we were getting coffee, I’d ask how you were doing?  I haven’t been nearly as disciplined in reading or commenting on blog posts and I’d love to hear how you’re doing!

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