TWINS: 5 Months

Sorry for the crickets on the blog this month.  It’s been a busy month for the Lew Crew as we prepared for our move, had family in town, drove from MO to WI and now are soaking in all the time with our family and friends in Green Bay, WI before we start the trek to Boston.  I have so many things I want to write about, but finding time to do so has been rare.  However, I’d never miss the twins’ monthly update!



Stats: Not sure, we’ll find out next month at their 6 month appointment but he’s definitely getting longer and chunkier!

Likes: everyone – especially when the talk to him, his fox or dog toy, big sister, sleeping (for the most part)

Dislikes: being put on his back, sitting in his car seat for too long,

Personality: Samuel is still super social and loves to make faces and “talk” to anyone who is holding him.  He is liberal with his smiles and when he does, his whole face lights up!  My sister set up her exersaucer at my parents’ house and he loves being upright (we stuff a towel around him for added support) to see everything going on.  He starts to fuss if he’s left alone for too long and literally starts crying as soon as he wakes up from a nap – his eyes will still be closed and he’s hollering for someone to come get him!

Sleeping: We hit the dreaded four month sleep regression with Samuel, but it mostly consists of him waking up one (maybe twice) a night which is still fine by me.  He goes down to sleep and for naps pretty well with the help of a pacifier.  Naps are only about 45-50 minutes and usually four per day.

Milestones: Samuel can roll both directions but doesn’t do it too much.  He loves being on his tummy and now prefers being upright in his exersaucer.  He is able to hit objects above his head and can now pull his stuffed fox to his mouth so he can chew on the it’s ears.  He’s also definitely teething – we haven’t seen any yet but he’s drooling and chewing on everything.  He puts pressure on his feet when we hold him and it a total squirm!  He does not like sitting still, always moving his head, arms, and legs.  Sam also has really great ab muscles and head control.  He can sit up pretty well if we hold onto his butt.  He is also starting to inch forward when he’s on his tummy.  The boys have discovered each other and are interacting a lot more which is so fun to watch. 


Stats: We won’t know until his 6-month appointment but I know he’s growing!
Likes: eating (he probably eats twice as often as Samuel), hitting the toys in his bouncer, big sister, interacting with others.

Dislikes: Henry is still pretty chill and not much makes him cry, but he sleeps with a pacifier and doesn’t like it when if falls out.  He also dislikes being put flat on his back during the day and will almost always roll to his tummy.

Personality: Henry takes after his daddy, he is super even-tempered and doesn’t get super emotional about anything.  He is usually content wherever we put him (unless it’s on his back) and will just look around and take everything in.  He is starting to be more social and give smiles to everyone (although mommy is still his favorite)

Sleeping: Ugh, Henry was hit hard by the 4-month sleep regression and started waking every two hours.  I’ve been trying to just put the pacifier back in, instead of feeding him but it’s been a long month.  He can still put himself to sleep well, but it’s a struggle to get him to stay asleep.  We will definitely be sleep training when we get to Boston and life slows down.

Milestones: Henry is catching up to Sam as far as head and neck control go.  He is enjoying tummy time more and is a rolling machine.  He can roll both ways and never stays put when I set him down – he just keeps rolling until a piece of furniture stops him.  He also puts pressure on his legs when you stand him up and can sit up if you hold his hips.  He is way better at hitting toys above his head, and will play with whatever is put in from of him.  Just like Sam, he’s starting to feel his teeth and is chewing on everything.


Highs: Elizabeth and the boys are starting to play together and I love it.  She sometimes takes their toys, but also gives them back when asked.  She was super intrigued by the exersaucer and will play with whatever boy is currently in it.  She’s also a big help getting items to get diapers changed and clothes on.  Elizabeth also knows her brothers’ names and can mostly tell them apart!

Lows: This month has been really good with all the kids getting along and the jealousy is waning (knock on wood).  Obviously she still needs one-on-one time, but she is also understanding that I need to feed the boys.  It helps that she got a week with grandma and grandpa Lew (aka lots of time with them) and now we’re in WI with my parents plus her cousin Quinn.


The kids in their custom shirts for the change of command ceremony. I love that they’re all holding hands!

Mom and Dad

This month hasn’t been as hard as last month as far as giving everyone attention goes.  BUT, is has been hard going from only waking once at night to now waking 4-5 times a night.  I am trying to take it in stride because I know it will pass once we get to Boston and can sleep train.  The boys are starting to hit a really fun age where they can interact with E AND be entertained by toys and each other.

Having help this month during the move has been so wonderful, so that keeps the stress off of me.  The boys have been taking a lot of naps in the car seat/stroller while we do activities with Elizabeth, but they’re also getting a lot more attention via grandparents, friends, and family so I don’t feel too badly.

Change of Command Ceremony. So bittersweet to say goodbye to Sapper Leader Course.


Adventures and Experiences

The boys said goodbye to their first home, endured 3 days of packers/movers, and are enjoying life in Wisconsin.  They attended dad’s Change of Command Ceremony and said goodbye to the first friends they had in MO.  They’ve been to the zoo, the wildlife sanctuary, an amusement park, and spent a lot of time with their grandparents, cousin and aunt/uncle.  We get out way more with the boys and we can’t wait for them to be older to enjoy more adventures.

With cousin Quinn. He’s only 6 months older than E, so it looks like we have two sets of twins here!
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