Twins: Four Months


Stats: 24 1/4 inches; 13lbs 8oz

Likes: sleeping (yes!!), tummy time, “talking” and being talked to by pretty much anyone

Dislikes: laying on his back

Personality: I love seeing Samuel’s personality come out, it’s just like mine!  He is super social and loves to make faces and “talk” to anyone who is holding him.  He is liberal with his smiles and when he does, his whole face lights up!  When he’s awake, he wants to be upright or on his tummy so he can look at what is going on around him.  Just like me, he has lots of emotions and can go from happy and smiling to crying in the blink of an eye.

Sleeping: He is still sleeping through the night once he’s down, but some nights it’s been a huge challenge to get Samuel to sleep.  One night he’ll go to sleep at 8:30, and the next it’ll be 10/10:30 which is frustrating.  I’m thankful that he sleeps well once he’s down though.  Naps are pretty good, and he’ll sleep 60-90 minutes at a time which is great.

Milestones: Samuel has really good head and neck control and is doing great with tummy time.  He can roll from his back to his tummy and from his tummy to his side.  He doesn’t do either a lot, but he’s capable.  He’s also cooing a TON, smiling, laughing and generally being super social.  He can grab and swing at his toys (but doesn’t have much interest in doing so), and has a good grip once he gets a hold of things.


Stats: 24 inches; 13lbs 11oz
Likes: eating, naps with daddy, the toys on his bouncer seat, smiling at mama

Dislikes: Henry is still pretty chill and not much makes him cry.  He still always has an apprehensive look on his face and it takes some effort to get him to smile or laugh.

Personality: Henry takes after his daddy, he is super even-tempered and doesn’t get super emotional about anything.  He is usually content wherever we put him and will just look around and take everything in.

Sleeping: Henry is pretty consistent with his sleeping.  He goes to sleep about 8/8:30 and usually wakes up around 4 to nurse and then 6:30 for the day.  I know how incredibly blessed I am that he only wakes up once.  The only issue is that he’s not putting himself to sleep like he used to and usually nurses to sleep which I know can become an issue later.  He sleeps just like his daddy too – nothing wakes him, not even his brother crying just inches away from his head.

Milestones: Henry’s neck control is getting better, but not as great as Sammy. He prefers being on his back rather than his tummy.  He can roll from his back to his tummy and rolls to his side a lot from his back and his tummy.  He loves to reach up and swat at his toys when he’s on his play mat or in the bouncer, much more than Sam does. Henry interacts with his toys a lot too – bringing them to him and putting them in his mouth or holding on tight.  He loves when E gives him her tiny baby doll to hold.  And he is cooing, smiling and laughing which I absolutely love.  It takes a lot more work to get Henry to smile than it does Sam, but it’s so worth it, and his giggles are so precious.


Highs: Elizabeth still loves her brothers and is interacting with them a lot.  She can tell me when they’re crying or sleeping and likes to talk about them.  She really wants to be able to play with them and in constantly giving them her toys.  I have to remind her regularly to be gently because sometimes she tries to pick them up to move them over to where she’s playing.  I love how helpful she is, and I’m so thankful that the three of them are growing to love each other.

Lows: We’re still struggling with her wanting to have my attention when I’m trying to feed the boys.  I have been trying to give her activities to hold her attention when I have to nurse.  We went through a really hard 10 days where all three kids were refusing to go to sleep, but we have figured out her bedtime so there are a lot less tears.

Mom and Dad

This month was the hardest yet.  The boys are awake about 2 hours at a time, so I’m not able to get as much stuff done during the day since I’m trying to give them attention.  The bedtime thing really threw us for a loop and there were a lot of tears on my part just out of pure frustration.  I was so used to putting E down at 7 and having a few hours with Don, and now it’s sometimes three hours of nursing/baths/etc to get the kids to bed.  We’re working through it though.

I still remind myself how blessed we are to have two boys who sleep relatively well and are pretty chill when they’re awake.  Our family dynamics change on a weekly basis, but we’re (mostly) rolling with the punches.

Adventures and Experiences

This month Don and I went on two date nights (I think our fifth since the boys were born – which is four more than we had with Elizabeth by this age).  We attended a Battalion Change of Command Ceremony, watched daddy jump out of a helicopter at Osage beach and we explored Fantastic Caverns near Springfield.  We drove up to Wisconsin for a week so the boys could meet all our friends and family there.  They’ve also been to numerous play dates with Elizabeth and celebrated their first Father’s Day.

We’ve done way more with the boys than we did with Elizabeth (comes with the territory of being the second/third children), and we are getting really efficient at getting us all out of the house in a timely manner and managing all the kids out in public.

“Dad of Twins: Classic Overachiever” – this shirt accurately describes Don!


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    1. Thank you! I love them too, that’s why I’m doing them with the boys, I didn’t with E and I can’t remember anything.

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