TWINS- Three Months

My sweet boys are three months old!  Yesterday I went to the hospital to visit some friends who just delivered twin girls, and I cannot believe how small they are!  They’re just half a pound smaller than the boys were when they were born and I was just blown away comparing how much they’ve grown in three months.


Stats: not sure since we haven’t gone to the pediatrician this month, but I’d guess he’s about 12.5 pounds and well over 22 inches since I’ve had to transition him to 3-6 month clothes!

Likes: being held, tummy time, anyone talking to him, sleeping! (all the praise hands)

Dislikes: being put down (especially on his back), the pacifier

Sleeping: He is sleeping 8pm – 7am (and that’s only because I wake him up to get him on the same schedule as Henry for the day). I am LOVING it!!  Some nights he will roll onto his side and sleep on his side the whole night, but for the most part he is happy to sleep on his back.
Naps are a bit off due to Elizabeth’s schedule, but the boys get in a solid nap every day from about 8-10.  Afternoon naps are hit or miss, but since he’s sleeping through the night, I’m really not concerned.

Milestones: Samuel is doing such a good job holding his head up when he’s on his tummy and when we’re holding him.  Sometimes I’ll set him on his butt and hold onto his hips, and he can keep himself sitting straight for up to 10 seconds at a time.  He also rolls over onto his side regularly and rolled from back to tummy once!  He is also cooing and smiling and yesterday I got a little giggle out of him.  Sam is so liberal with his smiles – he will smile and anyone and everyone, especially when they are holding him.

*Sammy has a little bit of a flat head which I don’t understand since he is on his tummy way more than Henry.  After talking to many mom friends, I think it’s due to his position in my womb.  I’m not super concerned about it, but am trying to keep him on his tummy a lot more, thankfully he likes it!


Stats: same as Sam, not sure – but he’s also in the 3-6 mo clothes, and carrying them in their car seats is getting a little more challenging

Likes: eating, naps with daddy

Dislikes: Henry is still a super chill baby, and is content pretty much anywhere.  He almost always has a look of terror/apprehension, but we have no idea why.

Sleeping: He and Sammy seem to have switched places when it comes to sleeping.  He still puts himself to sleep well and goes down about 8pm, but he wakes 1-2 times a night (usually around 2am and 4am) and then is up for the day at 6am.  I’m hoping he’ll go back to being a great sleeper, but I still can’t complain because I’m getting a solid 6 hour chunk of sleep!

Milestones: Henry’s neck control is getting better, but not as great as Sammy.  He can also roll from his back to his side, but doesn’t do it as often.  He loves to reach up and swat at his toys when he’s on his play mat or in the bouncer, much more than Sam does.  And he is cooing, smiling and laughing which I absolutely love.  It takes a lot more work to get Henry to smile than it does Sam, but it’s so worth it, and his giggles are so precious.

*Henry is such a sweet, chill boy and he only has eyes for his mama.  As soon as we make eye contact, he gives me a huge toothless grin and it melts me.  He is my mama’s boy for sure, despite the fact that he and daddy are best napping buds!



Highs: Elizabeth loves her brothers.  She always has to see both babies, and if they’re not together, she’ll ask us where the other brother is or go looking for him.  She loves to help bounce them when they’re in their bouncer, and gives a lot of kisses.  She is definitely growing into a great big sister and she is still a fabulous helper (when she wants to be).

Lows: She is still so clingy – insisting on sitting on my lap, usually when I need to nurse the boys.  She’s also a little rough around them, so I get nervous when she’s too close.

Mom and Dad

We are doing GOOD!  Like I mentioned, I’m usually getting a solid 6-7 hours, and then another 2-3 hours after that so I’m a happy camper.  I’m slowly but surely figuring out our schedules so that everyone is getting attention throughout the day (and so that I get some time to rest myself). I’ve been reading books, socializing, and working out and I honestly feel like I’m taking better care of myself with three kids than I did with just one!

This month I went out for a girls’ night, and the following week Don and I went on a quadruple date with some friends.  We left the kids with our sitter and her best friend and everyone did great.  I’m hoping to get a few more date nights before we move and have to find a new sitter!

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