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Weekending: Itty Bitty City

What a great weekend this was!  The perfect combination of getting things done, relaxing, and having some fun.


Once Don came home, I headed out to Hoppers in “downtown” Waynesville to meet up with some of my girlfriends.  I think it’s the only bar in town?  We had so much fun being kid free and having a few drinks.  I’m basically an old lady and was home by 10pm, but the rest of them stayed out until 1am (which is about when I got up to nurse the boys).  Even though I’m a home-body, it was so nice to leave the house alone and without a diaper bag!


Saturday just got away from us, in a good way.  We had a lazy morning with blueberry pancakes, family cuddles, and a trip to Lowes for a new lawnmower blade and some flowers.  We’re planning to move in July, so we’re not going too big on flowers or a garden, but I wanted a little something for color.  Elizabeth played outside while Don fixed our mower, and I got dishes, laundry and some other tasks done around the house.



Our AC broke on Wednesday and needs a new compressor which has to be ordered and then installed.  Since the temperature was supposed to hit 85, we decided to get out of town and head to Springfield.  I had returns I needed to make at Target and we wanted to let Elizabeth play at Itty Bitty City.

We did our Target run, stopped at Moe’s for lunch, and then headed to IBC which Elizabeth loves.  Don surprised me by sneaking my laptop into the car and suggested that I head to the Starbucks across the street so I could get some blogging done while he played with Elizabeth.  I love the thoughtfulness there and am so thankful that he’s supportive of my blogging.  Even better, when I went to pay I realized I had a free drink – yay!


I cranked out a few rough drafts for blogs and worked on some other things with my blogging side-kicks (aka Samuel and Henry).  I’m really trying to get my ideas written down so I’m not scrambling last minute to put up posts that seem rushed.  Or, what I’m really guilty of, skipping an entire week because I don’t have the time to blog with all the kids at home.


Henry looks terrified of the fox, but he finally warmed up to it!

Itty Bitty City is one of Elizabeth’s favorite places.  As the name implies, it’s a miniature city for kids.  They have a grocery store, restaurant, home, firehouse and police department among other miniature buildings.  There’s also giant blocks for building, a stage with dress up clothes, a water station, and an area to paint.  I love that Elizabeth can run around and experience all these “places” that are her size.  It’s teaching her to be imaginative and to socialize with other kids.  She’s learning to take turns, share, and be creative.  Such a great concept!








All the kids napped on the way home which is always a win.  In general, I feel really rested and prepared for the week ahead.  Last week was really hard and chaotic and this weekend was so refreshing and perfect and full of laughs – like pushing the reset button.


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    1. It’s the BEST! I write drafts of my ideas and then it’s easy to edit and click “post” on busy days. You know how crazy mornings can be!!

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