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A Day in the Life: 25 April, 2018

I am a long-time reader of the blog Whimsical September, and have always loved to read Erica’s “Day in the Life” posts – probably because I am kind of a nosy person and enjoy reading how others live their lives, but also because she has a daughter only a month younger than E and it’s fun to see how they’re at similar stages.

That being said, I’ve decided to do my own posts partially because I want to record these days and also because I get asked on a daily basis “how do you manage with twins?”.  So a glimpse into twin + toddler life!

6 am: I am shocked to see this time on the clock, because normally Samuel wakes up between 4 and 5am.  He and Henry both slept 9:15-6 and only woke up once each.  Happy happy mama!  I nurse the boys, put Sam in bed with Don (because he loves sleeping on his tummy) and take Henry with me to start breakfast – bacon and egg bagel sandwiches.

7:15am: Everyone is awake and eating breakfast.  Elizabeth is throwing an epic tantrum because she doesn’t want to get dressed.  (This happened yesterday too and I have NO idea what to do).  Finally she is dressed -not matching, but dressed – and we are off to daycare with the boys in tow.

8 am: I’m back from dropping off E and the boys are taking a short snooze so I throw in a load of laundry and brew a cup of coffee.  Their “nap” doesn’t last long so I scoop them up for some tummy time and some play on the playmat.  I’ve been feeling a little mom guilt lately about not giving them enough focused time (because hello…toddler) so I’ve been making an attempt to ignore the chores and give them my undivided attention.

The boys are awake a lot more now, so it’s a balance to give them attention and take advantage of Elizabeth’s absence to get chores done.  I sweep and mop the floors, doing a few loads of laundry, and catch up on emails/blogs in between feeding and changing the boys.  Samuel was feeling particularly needy and just couldn’t settle in for a nap, so I put in in the Baby Bjorn while I worked and he snoozed away.

11:50 am: I load the boys in the car and we are off to pick up big sister.  When we get home it’s lunch for us two girls, and some play time before I put her down for a nap around 1.  Today she wanted to bring me all her Little Einstein books and have them read.  The boys got another round of tummy time while E sat in my lap for me to read.

1:07 pm: Elizabeth is napping and the boys are awake but content.  I seize this opportunity to fit in a quick  workout video from Glowbody Fitness.  This specific program is the Post-Partum Plan and I love it because the workouts are 15-20 minutes and just what I need to ease myself back into working out.

1:45 pm: E is awake from her (super short) nap and is CRANKY!  Usually she wakes up happy, but today she was inconsolable.  When this happens, I put on her favorite show – Octonauts – and let her calm down before snack time and some playtime with mom.

3:30: We get outside almost every day for a walk or park time.  Today we met up with Carolynne and Grace to walk the neighborhood.  Elizabeth and Henry rode in the Double Thule, and I carried Samuel in the Baby Bjorn.  Oakley even got to join which he was thrilled about.  E quickly ditched the Thule for Grace’s Cinderella wagon, which they ended up pushing instead of riding in!

Unfortunately our walk is cut short by some rain sprinkles, so we head home and hang out.  Elizabeth keeps herself entertained with some new toys my mom brought last week, and I do the dishes and try to quickly pick up things around the house.  E gets bored with her toys and is off to love on her brothers.  She is such a sweetheart, but also a bit rough on them because she doesn’t realize how little they are.

5:15: Our plan was to go watch Don’s soccer game and take a picnic dinner, but the rain ruined that plan.  E and I eat our picnic dinner anyways and I feed the boys while she watches a few episodes of Octonauts.  I don’t always allow screen time, but sometimes I’d rather have her watch TV than tear apart the house while my hands are busy with the boys.

6 pm: We start bedtime about 30 minutes early because of the short nap.  Don has been in charge of bedtime since Elizabeth was 8 months old, so I’m the sub tonight which she’s not super thrilled about.  I put the boys in their bassinet downstairs and take Elizabeth up for a bath, 2 stories, prayers and finally bed!  She LOVES to play in the bathtub, so we take our time since the boys are pretty content.  Once I hear them hollering downstairs, we wrap up the bath and head into her room.  This is the worst part of solo parenting – having to listen to the boys cry and know that there’s not much I can do about it until Elizabeth is in bed.


6:40: Elizabeth is in bed and quiet, so I turn my attention to the boys.  I tandem nurse them at night and then let them latch and un-latch as they want for about an hour or so since they are cluster feeding.  I wanted to finish my book (Wild by Cheryl Strayed), so I use their heads to prop it up.

7:30: Don is home from soccer, showers, eats dinner and then takes over parenting duties for a bit so I can have some alone time.  I love watching him talk to his boys.

8:30: Don changes the boys’ diapers, gets them in their pjs and swaddles, and hands them over to me to feed them and put them to bed.  Usually both boys are in their rock and plays by 9pm and then I shower and head to bed myself.

It’s not a glamorous life we lead, and I could definitely do without the toddler tantrums, but we are blessed and I’m so thankful for these three little lives I get to care for!


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7 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: 25 April, 2018

    1. Oh we are deep into the tantrums right now, but I know it’ll pass and I’ll miss all the good parts of having a two year old!

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Glowbody Fitness! I just wrapped up her 8 minute, 21 day challenge and I feel so strong – I seriously cannot say enough good things about Ashley!!

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