Twins: Two Months

On Saturday, the boys hit the two month mark and it’s amazing to see how much they’re changing!  Don was away for a week and couldn’t believe how different they looked when he arrived home.  The boys are spending more time awake, and are starting to show more of their personalities.


Stats: 11lb2, 1 oz; 22 1/4 inches
Nicknames: Sleepy Sammy, Grandpa, Sam-Bam
Likes: his mama, tummy time, being held
Dislikes: being put down, the pacifier
Sleeping: Once Samuel is asleep, he is hard to wake up.  When we’re out and about he can sleep 2-3 hour stretches no matter how much noise is happening (like the other day during music time at the library).  He usually  only wakes up once a night BUT he thinks that 4 am is an acceptable time to be up for the day.  I usually unswaddle him, and put him in our bed with Don and then I get up for the day.  Every so often he has a horrible night where he’s up every hour, but thankfully it’s not a common theme.
Milestones: There aren’t a ton at this point, but he has great head/neck control and is super alert during the day.  E loves to shake the rattle in front of him and he does pretty well following the sound.  He’s smiling and cooing at us which melts my heart!

*Not much has changed with Samuel besides his stats.  He’s had a pretty strong case of cradle cap, but that’s starting to go away a little bit.  He’s a sweet, sweet boy but I wish he didn’t whine to be held so much because it makes things challenging with three.


Stats: 11lbs, 1oz; 22 inches
Nicknames: Hungry Hungry Henry, Henny Benny
Likes: daddy, eating, tummy time
Dislikes: nothing that I can think of, he is a pretty easy going baby and is totally fine being set down when I have to attend to Samuel.
Sleeping: He’s the best sleeper!  He puts himself to sleep after he’s been nursed and swaddled and he usually sleeps 9-7 only waking once to eat.  Seriously Henry is a dream when it comes to sleeping.  During the day he will nap, but is usually awake when we go to the park or other activities.
Milestones: He also has good neck/head control, but doesn’t lift his head as high as Samuel does.  He’s very alert during the day and is also starting to smile, but doesn’t coo as much.

*Again, not much of a change in Henry.  Like I said, he is a dream which I am thankful for.  We joke that he is going to have abandonment issues because so often he is the last for things (last to be fed, last to get out of the car, etc) and so often I have Elizabeth or Sammy in my arms because they make their needs more vocal.  Some mornings when he’s a little fussy but not wide awake, I’ll bring him downstairs and just hold him so that I can catch up on my Henry snuggles.


Highs: Elizabeth is becoming such a great helper!  She is so great about following commands and really has helped me out during the day.  She also is getting less jealous of her brothers and is becoming increasingly sweet towards them.  She will sit with them during tummy time, and loves to kiss their heads.

Lows: She yells “NO” if I’m nursing the boys and she wants to sit in my lap, so she’s still got a little bit of jealousy.  She’s a little tough with her brothers, but not on purpose.  We use the word “gentle” probably 50 times a day.

Mom and Dad

Still feeling pretty good.  The sleep deprivation is starting to get to me a little bit (thanks Sammy) which makes me a little more irritable, but other than that isn’t too bad.  The boys are awake a lot more in between naps and can be a little needy so I feel like I’m not as productive as I was last month.  I just am having to come to terms with the fact that most days I have to choose what chores are the top priority for the day.

Don was gone a lot for work which was a little stressful for us, but we are working a lot on our communication and trying to put down the housework after E goes to bed so we can spend time together and not just in the same space.  We did get out of the house one night for the Engineer Ball on post.  It was so nice to dress up and go out for a few hours!  My mom was here to watch the kids, plus we hired a babysitter (the one I met at Panera!) to help her out and they held down the fort just fine.

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