Lenten Practice Recap


Lent officially ended on Easter Sunday (April 1st), but I wanted to wait a little bit to reflect on the whole experience.

Was I Successful?

I’m glad to report that I was successful with my goal.  The only Netflix I watched was Elizabeth’s “Octonauts”, and usually I was doing something else.  I wasn’t willing to cut her off from Netflix because sometimes I just need her to sit still while I nursed the boys or prepared dinner.  However, I only used it as a last resort if she wasn’t wanting to play independently.

As far as listening to music/podcasts/etc, I was not as successful.  What I realized during the 40 days of Lent is that I kind of love the silence!  With three children all fussing at various times, I didn’t want to add to the chaos with more noise (and I probably wouldn’t have been able to pay attention anyways), and once everyone was quiet, I just wanted to soak in the silence for myself.  I listened to different genres of music when the boys were awake and we were playing, and also turned on music for E so we could dance, but not many other times aside from that.


Productivity: I read FOUR books!  I didn’t read four books in the entirety of 2017 so this was HUGE!  Obviously the boys nurse a lot, and instead of turning on Netflix or scrolling social media, I grabbed a book and read.  My love for reading is coming back and I could not be more thrilled.  I also blogged more, spent more time doing my devotionals/journaling, and kept on top of household chores!  I wasn’t just plopping down on the couch with Netflix and wasting away hours.

Joy: I found myself so much more joyful during this time.  I think being productive made me feel proud of my accomplishments which brought me joy.  Also, devoting time to journaling and devotions was good for my spiritual and emotional health which also brought joy!

Positive results all around to say the least.

Post-Lent Netflix

It’s been ten days since Easter, and I have gone back to watching some episodes on Netflix.  This time around though, I’m much more selective it what I watch and when I watch it.  I choose shows that I actually want to pay attention too (instead of turning on the “noise” and then doing other tasks).  Because of this, I’m not watching as much because what mom of three has time to binge watch TV?  There are so many other tasks I want to complete, and Netflix does not bring me as much joy as a clean house!

Going Forward

I’m excited to keep the momentum going.  I stocked up on books at the library and have been working on my productivity.  The boys are awake more during the day so I’m not getting as much housework done, but I know that my time with them is more important.

Going forward, I want to keep challenging myself and ditching electronics.  Right now I’m working on how much time I spend looking at my phone.  I want to be completely present with Elizabeth and the boys.  Facebook, Instagram and text messages can wait.  I think this is going to be a bigger hurdle, but I know that it will also bring about huge blessings in my life and for our family!

How did you do on your Lenten goals?  Any tips for ditching screen time?

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