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Visitors and Easter

Easter 2017 in NC

Happy April! Last year we celebrated Easter in North Carolina where E and I were able to wear our spring dresses without being cold. This year we had a chance of freezing rain in Missouri on Easter morning and this past Sunday it snowed!  In the spirit of being behind the curve when it comes to posting, I thought I’d do a little Easter recap a few weeks late.

My in-laws came to stay with us for a week to meet their grandsons and to celebrate Easter with us. Normally when they visit, we have a packed schedule, but this week was pretty low key with lots of baby snuggles for them (and for me – being able to eat a meal without a child in my arms!!)

Saturday the 24th we went to an Easter egg hunt on post. Elizabeth cried the first several minutes while everyone dashed for the eggs but then warmed up to the idea and was able to snag a few at the end. Every time she put an egg in her basket she said “thank you”. Haha, polite little girl!


The following Sunday we went to Lake of the Ozarks State Park and hiked a .8 mile loop. Elizabeth walked almost the entire way. This was the same loop that we hiked three days before the boys’ arrival and we were twice as fast this time. Have I mentioned how much easier life is with the boys on the outside?!

Carrying the twins in my WeGo carrier
E and grandpa


On Saturday the 31st, we headed to Springfield to check out Itty Bitty City, which Elizabeth loves. I dropped her, Don and my in-laws off and headed to Target with the boys to roam the aisles with my Starbucks in hand. Seriously best idea – everybody wins in this scenario.


Sunday of course was Easter and I made a pretty low-key meal. Of course as soon as we sat down to eat, both boys became hysterical with hunger and I had to take them upstairs to feed them while everyone else ate. Such is life with newborns. I took zero pictures on Easter Sunday, but we did get a great picture at the Easter egg hunt where my hair cooperated and I didn’t look 100% exhausted.


It was a nice visit, and even though our schedules were out of whack, it was so nice to have extra hands around the house. My mom comes this week and I cannot wait!

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