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Elizabeth Jean: Two Years Old!!

Happy Birthday Sweet Elizabeth Jean! I cannot believe that you are two years old today! Time has moved so quickly, and so much has happened in your short two years of life. There’s no way to even write it all down without this turning into a short novel.

I think it’s appropriate that you were born in the month that we also celebrate The Military Child. You are so resilient, even at this young age. In your second year of life, you said goodbye to the home/city/state you were born in and moved halfway across the country to start all over. You spent a week at grandma and grandpa’s house in Wisconsin while mommy and daddy had a mini vacation (and you loved every second of being spoiled), and you made new friends effortlessly.   You started daycare in September, and even though you cried a little at first, you love Ms. Omalia and run from the car to her door every day now.

And perhaps your biggest challenge came just several weeks ago when we welcomed your baby brothers into the world. Although you love your babies and are a great big sister, it has not come without some jealousy. All of a sudden you have insisted on sitting in mommy’s lap for dinner, and sometimes yell “NO” when mommy has to nurse. But we love to watch you kiss them on the forehead or zip them up in their car seats, and you are mostly a great help to mommy.

I love watching your personality come out. You are stubborn and fiercely independent (you get that from your mama). Your favorite word seems to be “no” but what that really means is that you don’t want help feeding yourself or putting on your socks and shoes, or with other tasks you can do yourself. Unfortunately this stubbornness some backfires when we say no to you and we find you kicking and screaming on the floor (thankfully this doesn’t happen super often).

Despite your independence, you are such an incredibly sweet girl. You love to give kisses and hugs, have started to say “love you”, and are a great cuddler when you’re in the mood. You have the best personality and wake up with so much joy. Your laugh is contagious and even strangers can’t help but smile when you start laughing. You love to sing and get the tunes of the songs perfect even when the words aren’t always there. My favorite song that you sing is about the kittens who lost their mittens and you always sing/yell “you shall have no PIE”. Some mornings you sing in your crib until we come in to get you. Along with your singing comes your dancing skills. As soon as music is on, you start dancing along and especially love it when daddy joins in.

Baby girl, you make so many messes! I am constantly washing clothes and have gone through an entire bottle of stain remover this year! You play in the mud and the rain, spill your food while feeding yourself, paint on your body and have multiple outfit changes a day. And at the same time, you get so excited about a new pink dress and fancy shoes and keep telling me “it’s pretty”.

I love being your mom more and more every day. Watching you experience new things or learn new skills is absolutely thrilling and also pretty funny. I will never forget last month when you wanted more milk but I wasn’t moving fast enough. You went over to the fridge, opened it up and brought me a full gallon of milk along with your cup. You are SO STRONG and you never cease to impress me with your new vocabulary or your understanding of things. You have blessed me in so many ways!

I love you baby girl (and will NEVER stop calling you that)! Happy, happy birthday to my mini-me!


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