Twins: One Month!

I know everyone is always so surprised how quickly time passes, but I am seriously shocked that the boys are already a month old!  Don and I both agreed this past weekend that it is seems so much easier than Elizabeth’s first month.  Granted, my dad was here for the first 5 days, and Don has been home for 3 of the 4 weeks, but we are working so much better as a team AND I am much less stressed out about things this time around.


The boys sleep about 2.5-3 hours at a time, and eat super well.  However, one or the other is usually up and ready to go by about 4:30 am.  I can sometimes convince them to go back to sleep for an hour or so, but I’ve just been getting up and going to bed earlier.  Because they sleep a lot, they tend to get dragged to the park, library, daycare, starbucks, playdates, etc and they have done a great job adapting and still being pretty chill.  The boys attended their first Spouse Luncheon and spent two hours being passed around by the ladies – they loved it!


Stats: 8lbs 13oz (up another pound in 2 weeks!), 20 inches
Nicknames: Sleepy Sammy, Grandpa, Sam-Bam
Likes: his mama, sleeping, tummy time, being held
Dislikes: being put down, the pacifier


Stats: 8lbs, 14oz (also up a pound in 2 weeks) 20.5 inches
Nicknames: Hungry Hungry Henry, Henny Benny
Likes: daddy, eating, tummy time
Dislikes: nothing that I can think of, he is a pretty easy going baby and is totally fine being set down when I have to attend to Samuel


Highs: Loves her “babies” and has to find them first thing every morning.  Is a great helper by throwing away dirty diapers, getting blankets and other things for me, zipping up their car seat covers, etc.  The other day, I went to take them out of the car and she was holding Henry’s hand!!!

Lows: She is (understandably) a little jealous, wants to sit on my lap for meals and doesn’t always like it when I’m nursing boys.  She always wants to kiss the boys and touch their faces – she’s already passed her cold along to them 🙁

Mom and Dad

Not as tired as I thought I’d be.  Not as stressed out as I thought I’d be.  Basically, my expectations for twins and a toddler were so low, that this seems almost easy.  It’s definitely not easy, but it doesn’t seem as hard.  Don is loving all the snuggles and is way more hands on this time around (I think he gained a ton of confidence with Elizabeth).  Obviously we could both use a nice long nap, but it helps to remember that this is a phase that will quickly pass.

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