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Hi, I’m Katie and I have (had?) a Netflix addiction

Ok, maybe not a full on addiction, but I was watching way too much Netflix during the day.  I would almost always have it playing in the background on my laptop when I was playing with E.  When she went to daycare, I turned it on while I did “housework”, but then was way less productive than I should have been – often pausing my to-do list to just sit down at watch.  And I hated that at night, Don and I would sit on opposite ends of the living room, each watching our own shows.

A lot of the shows I watched were shows that I had watched many times before – so I was just using them as noise in the background.

As Elizabeth is getting older, I don’t necessarily want her picking up words/phrases/ideas from the shows I’m watching.  Not that they’re horrible, but I like shows like Law and Order, CSI and NCIS – so not the most happy of shows.   There are much more edifying things that we could be listening to that would help both of us deepen our faith, or even educational shows that would help her learning. In addition, I realized I was only being half present for her AND I was not being a good steward of my free time when she was at daycare.  (How can it normally take me two mornings to clean the 1st floor , and then only 60 minutes when I realize that company is coming over the next morning?) 

The Goal

  1. No more watching Netflix alone.  I’ll allow a movie with Don at night OR a few episodes of one of Elizabeth’s shows (mostly because we don’t have cable so Netflix is the only option, but within reason)
  2. No binging with Don or E.  A few episodes (depending on how long they are)
  3. During the day – listen to music or podcasts to fill the “silence”.  Elizabeth LOVES to dance and sing, so I should be exposing her to music anyway.  Christian music is so good for my soul and I want to have both of us listening to that more at home.  And podcasts for when E is at daycare.  There are so many to chose from and I know it would be good for me to listen to them.


So here’s to being present, being a good steward of my time, and making choices to positively affect my family!!

What did you give up for Lent, if anything?  What did you choose to “add” instead?




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