Twins: Two Weeks Later

Two weeks ago today we brought the boys home from the hospital and I am STILL in shock about how ridiculous their birth story is.  Most of it is due to the fact that Elizabeth’s labor was SO LONG.  Even after I was 10 cm dilated, I still pushed for almost two hours.  I can’t fault God’s sense of humor though because I kept telling people “Hollywood makes labor seem so short.  They said ‘you’re ready to push and the woman pushes three times tops and there’s the baby’ “  So, I guess God (and the boys) took that as a direct invitation to go all Hollywood on their delivery.

I can’t complain though because my recovery has been great.  Seriously.  Carry around 13.5 pound of baby PLUS placenta, amniotic fluid, etc and you will feel like a million bucks after it’s gone.  I’m actually getting more sleep nursing two babies every 3 hours than I was when they were in the womb.  And, I’m SO MUCH FASTER!  E tried to run away from me the other day at the park and was totally flabbergasted when I caught up to her.  Her days of running amuck are over!

So just in case you were wondering, here’s a look into the past two weeks of life:

1. The first night home with the boys, Oakley swallowed a chicken bone whole and then I stubbed my big toe in the dark and ripped the nail from the nail bed (not all the way, but far enough that it bled a ton and I could barely walk).  So literally my biggest worries the first weekend of being home were 1) my toe  and 2) my dog.  Good thing Don and my dad were around to worry about all the other stuff like babies and toddlers!

2. My OB said not to pick up E for several weeks because carrying all the weight made my pelvic floor weak and it needed to heal and also I could rip a stitch (too much information there?  Sorry!)  But I did pick her up from her crib on night two because my biggest baby was crying and needed me.  I woke up the next morning sore, did waaaay too much googling and promptly headed for the OB’s office convinced that my bladder and uterus were going to fall out (aka organ prolapse).  My sweet nurse – who thankfully knows that I can be a little over dramatic – laughed at me, assured me that I did NOT have organ prolapse, and sent me home with strict orders to stay away from WebMD.

3. Because of my “scare” above, I now carry a step stool in my car.  E uses it to get into the car, and then get into her car seat on her own.  Smart girl picked that up right away, although I’m sure she’d prefer I pick her up.  Me too baby girl, me too.

4. Don and I were barely keeping afloat on the laundry situation because the boys were peeing through their sleepers/outfits at an alarming rate.  (So alarming that I ran out to the thrift store for more sleepers).  Then a friend who has two boys told me that their anatomy has to point a certain direction or the pee goes everywhere.  WHY DO THEY NOT TELL US THAT IN THE HOSPITAL?

5. Sammy failed his initial hearing screening in the hospital.  After the tech left I cried so hard you would have thought they told me he was dying.  Don had left me for just a bit, but thankfully an amazing nurse came in to give me a hug and tell me that over 40% of newborns fail the initial screening in the hospital.  So if that’s the case, who thought it was a good idea to tell an exhausted and hormonal mother that her child “may” have hearing loss?

6. A week after their birth, Sammy had an audiologist appointment to re-check his hearing.  He passed (YAY!) There was a PA working with the audiologist who saw the twins and asked “Are you the one they called the ambulance for?  The one who almost didn’t make it to L&D?!”  Yup, that’s us.  I’m famous – meet my entourage. 

But in all seriousness

Things have been so good.  My husband, my parents, and my friends have commented that I seem to have things under control and I really do feel that way – well as much as you can feel with 3 children under 2.  With Elizabeth there were so many tears.  There was so much worrying, so much frustration and exhaustion and just feeling so unprepared for motherhood.  My parents and husband got the brunt of those tears, and Don even videotaped a meltdown of mine one night because he was so sure I had post-partum depression and he wanted to show my doctor.

Thankfully what I learned with Elizabeth is I can keep a tiny human alive.  Really, that’s a huge boost of confidence.  So even if both boys are crying at once, or in their sixth outfit of the day, or Elizabeth is throwing mandarin slices at them and I’m going all ninja-mom to keep them from getting hit – even then, I know that Elizabeth turned out fine and these boys will too.  That knowledge has taken all the weight off my shoulders and I am just soaking in this newborn stage instead of wishing it away.

Two-Week Appointment Stats

Samuel: 7 pounds, 13 oz – 20.5 inches (that’s a 1 pound, 2 oz weight gain and 1 inch grown)
Henry: 7 pounds, 11 oz – 20.5 inches (14 oz weight gain, 1/2 inch grown)
**I have to brag a little bit on myself here because I’m exclusively breastfeeding and the boys’ pediatrician (who I just love) gave me a high-five and told me I was awesome.  I almost cried out of happiness! **

Mama: Down 32 pounds!  Ok, so 23 pounds was baby + after birth and the rest was probably water weight, but I don’t even care because I can see my feet again! AND my pediatrician said I can eat an extra 600-1,000 calories a day since I’m breastfeeding the twins (BEST PEDIATRICIAN EVER!!!)  So basically how I’m feeling can be summed up in this picture:

Thanks for following along, I’m not sure it’ll slow down anytime soon, but what fun would it be if it did?!

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