March Goals

Happy March! One of these months, I’m going to actually post my goals on the 1st of the month, but alas this month is not the month.  But the important part is that I made goals (again), and I actually kept most of my February goals!

1. Have some babies!
YES!  Samuel and Henry were born February 21st.  Their birth was WILD to say the least, but a fun read.

2. Devotions 4x week.
Mostly yes.  I wasn’t consistent every week, but at the end, I had 16 days that I did devotions.  4 weeks in February = 16 devos.

3. Memorize 2 scripture.
Yes and no.  I completely forgot that I had made this a goal, but there were two verses I already had committed to memory, so I’m counting it!

4. Journal 4x a week.
YES!  And it has made a huge difference on how I react to things.  I’m so thankful for that outlet and want to keep it up.

5. Ask for help.
YES!  On Monday before the boys were born, I called my dad and basically said “I was wrong, I need you here on Friday for the induction to help us out.”  He got here the day after the boys were born but was still such a big help while we were in the hospital.  So thankful I swallowed my pride and that he was willing to come so last minute.

6. Playdates 2-3x per week before the babes come and 1x per week after they arrive.
YES!  We actually had a play date 3 hours before the boys arrived.  And last week we went to the park AND gymnastics open house so E could get her energy out.

7. Blog 8x total this month.
Not even close.  I think I blogged twice.  I actually have 4-5 posts written and sitting in my drafts folder, I just need to clean them up and add some pictures.  Procrastination got the better of me.

Final total: 5.5/7 which I’m thrilled with.  All of these goals are helping me work towards my 2018 goals and I hope are making me a better person.

March Goals

Walk 20-25 minutes 5x/week.  I won’t be cleared by my OB until 6 weeks post partum (April 3rd), but I’m feeling really good as far as recovery goes and want to get out and get fresh air with the boys and E.

Read 1 book.  I have a bunch of books about parenting toddlers that I really want to read.

1. Attend church 1x before Easter Sunday.  Like I said, we don’t want to be the Christmas/Easter people who just go to church on those days.  So I’d like to go to church more often this month, but I’m setting my expectations low now that the boys are here.

2. Devotional 4x/week.  I found a great devotional for military spouses that is short and sweet, but also right what I need to hear right now.  I know the truths and verses I’m reading are having a positive effect so I want to continue.

1. Get a manicure/pedicure/massage.  Don is so much more confident watching the kids alone this time around, and I’d love to get out pamper myself a bit.  I had a pedicure scheduled for the day before my induction, but the boys came two days early so I had to cancel.

2. Journal 4x/week (total of 16+ times).  Journaling was so therapeutic, especially in the days leading up to the boys arrival, so I want to continue to do it.

1. Go on a group date.  Don and I have had a lot of each other during his paternity leave, so we want to make time to go out with our friends and leave at least E at home.  (The boys can come because they’ll hopefully sleep)

2. Get out of the house with E and the boys at least 2x/week.  The last thing I want to do is have E cooped up in the house, I hope to get out so that she can be social and get out her energy.  She goes to daycare 8-12, 3 days a week, but I still want to make an effort in the afternoons or on the off days.

Take one family trip to a state/national park.  The weather is getting nice so we want to get out more and enjoy Missouri before we possibly move this summer


9 goals this month!  Do you think they’re doable with twins?