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Weekending: The Magic House

Our weekends as a family of three are coming to a close, so we’re trying to get out and have some fun with E while she’s still an only child (and while we still have a 2:1 adult/child ratio).  So, a few weekends ago, we decided to make one final trip to St. Louis before the boys’ arrival.

Originally we were going to go Disney on Ice in St. Louis, but then realized that 1) E doesn’t really know any Disney characters, and 2) she probably would not have sat through two hours of skating.  So when a friend told me that she and her family were going to The Magic House, we quickly switched our plans.

The Magic House in a giant children’s museum that has an area for children of any age.  There’s an area specifically for kids under 24 months, a ridiculous amount of activities for toddlers, things for older pre-teens, and a full Lego room that my husband was super pumped about.  So something for everyone!

Since it was a cold Saturday in St. Louis, it was pretty packed.  The kids didn’t seem to mind, but I felt like there wasn’t a lot of space for the parents to stand and watch.  (Although that could also be because I’m 36 weeks pregnant and HUGE).  Since I’m not quick or agile, Don was on “don’t lose E duty” and he was on his toes the entire time.  She is super speedy when she finds something she likes.  I was thankful that they section off different parts of the museum and a staff member lets you through the gates, and makes sure each child has an adult – so E couldn’t get very far even if she had broken away from us.

We only stayed for two hours, and hardly put a dent in the museum exhibits.  E was enthralled by the water tables, the floating plastic balls, and the rubber band board.  In addition, there was an entire mini city that we didn’t even make it to (grocery store, vet clinic, auto-mechanic, etc).  I’d love to take E back on a weekday when it’s a little less crowded and I’m able to chase her around and engage more with her.

My favorite part was watching E and Don get in some quality time.  She adores her daddy, but he doesn’t always get to come when we do things like this.  Plus watching her little brain work and sort out problems was so cool, and is probably one of the best parts of being a parent.  The Magic House is also free for military, which was another huge win.  When you don’t know how long your toddler will last at a certain place, it’s hard to fork over a ton of money.  It was nice knowing that even if we lasted only 15 minutes, we weren’t throwing money away.

Like I said, we left after about two hours, grabbed Chipotle with our friends, and then headed to Costco to stock up on lots of essentials before the boys arrive.  Don and E passed out before we were even back on the highway headed home, so I’d consider that a successful morning!




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