40 by 40

40 by 40 – 1 year down

It’s my birthday!  I feel like birthdays after 30 are basically just another day.  It’s nice to get birthday wishes, but I told D no presents since there’s not much that I needed or wanted (we’re trying to minimize the stuff in our house and save up for family adventures).  But, I figured I could do a little update on my 40 by 40 list.

Completed (3/40)

Purchase a Cricut cutter (did this a few months ago, and this month we finally took it out and used it in a project)
Start a blog (still need to work on being consistent, but it’s up and running!)
Find a way to contribute to family finances while staying home (I’m an independent consultant for Norwex and hope to keep growing my business!)

In Progress (7/10)

Visit 40 National Parks/Monuments (3/40)- Grants Home, Pictured Rocks MI, Sleeping Bear Dunes MI)
Watch all the James Bond movies (we’re through the first five s0 far and I’m liking them!)
Finish the BBCs top 100 books (32/100)
Read 200 books (3/200 – so not good at all for the year.  I started a lot but never finished them)
Have another child (that’ll be completed in February/March and SURPRISE – I’ll be accomplishing it x2!!)
Volunteer 500+ hours: (I’ve been volunteering, but haven’t kept track of hours, so I need to sit down and figure that out)
Contribute the maximum annually to my IRA (so far, so good)


10/40 completed or in progress which I feel is pretty good for my first year considering we had a small child and we moved.  I know that I’ll have to put a lot of my physical goals on hold for a bit until I’ve recovered from the twins.  For this second year, I’m setting my expectations low because life with 3 under 3 is going to be a challenge.  But I’m still looking forward to scratching a few items more items off my list.

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