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Handyman Husband: Coffee Cup Holder

Once D had made these great shelves for E’s nursery, it was as if he had gotten bitten by a creator bug.  He spent a good chunk of his free time researching the best deals for tools/equipment, looking up plans for things to build, and doodling his own creations; not to mention the hours spent roaming the aisles at Home Depot.

Thankfully, most of this was done before E was born so I wandered the aisles with him and let him go about his hobby.  Once E was born, she spent many weekends in the Baby Bjorn (and later sitting in the shopping cart) “helping” her daddy pick out wood, paint, and other items for his next project.

I can’t complain though because D has a natural talent and has done quite a few projects that would have cost us a lot more money if we had bought them ourselves.  One of my favorites is our coffee cup holder.

The Dilema

Does anyone else struggle with where to put their coffee cups?  I have always relegated them to a shelf in the kitchen where they get shoved to the back or stacked on top of each other so we inevitably use the same 2-3 over and over and over.  Plus, they seem to take up so much space.  In addition, we had personal attachments to most of the coffee cups, so I really wanted them out for people to see.

Of course Etsy has it’s fair share of coffee cup holders that cost anywhere from $27 to $62 with most hovering around $40.  I want to make it clear that I am all for supporting people who create for a living…but again I’m frugal, and I have a husband who is capable and really loves to make things with his hands.

The Solution

I showed D a few designs that I had pinned on Pinterest and within a few hours he had whipped this up for me.


Step 1: Get some cheap-ish wood. Make your coffee holder the size you’d like.  I didn’t want ours to be too big since the space on the wall wasn’t huge and we only had about 12 mugs we really wanted to display.  D is totally the “measure twice, cut once” kind of guy so I left him to his devices.







Step 2: Glue everything together.  We chose not to screw the pieces together because we didn’t want to be able to see them.  So we used some wood glue, clamps and weights and a few hours later, we were good to go.






Step 3: Attach these hooks to the wood.  We used these from Home Depot which were the most expensive part of the project by far.  If we had thought of it, we would have looked at a couple other sites to see if we could find them cheaper.

Step 4: Add some artwork (optional). My sister painted this when she was in high school and somehow I ended up with it at the first house I rented in college.  I’ve had it in every house/apartment I’ve lived in.  I love having a piece of my sister with me wherever I go, and the picture just makes me happy.









Step 5: Add some of your favorite mugs and call it a day!

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