I’ve gone back and forth deciding how much of E I want to share on the blog – mostly because I’ve been reading blogs for a few years now and I know how much backlash some posts get.  Every parent has their own opinion on parenting and for some sad reason, they feel the need… Read More MomFessionals


June Goals

One of my favorite posts to read by other bloggers is their monthly goals.  I’m just really nosy interested in other people’s lives and goals. I also use it to come up with goals for my own life. Here’s something you should know about me: I LOVE goal setting.  I love making goals and writing… Read More June Goals

40 by 40

40 by 40 Bucket List

Turning thirty was pretty uneventful.  D and I celebrated together (since his birthday is 5 days earlier), and I think we may have gone out to an early dinner with MissE. But it got me thinking that after five months of being a stay at home mom, I had really lost my sense of purpose… Read More 40 by 40 Bucket List