Whole 30: Days 19, 20, 21

Day 19

My second to last Saturday on Whole30.  Saturdays are hard because those are usually the days we venture out as a family which almost always includes eating out.  Thankfully, Don has been so understanding of this whole program and we settled on Chipotle because their carnitas are Whole30 approved.  I have to admit, my carnitas are so much better (and so much cheaper)!

I went on a two-mile run pushing Elizabeth and it was great!  It was one of my fastest runs yet and I was able to run for longer periods of time without stopping.  I’m excited to see my body responding to all this good quality food that I’m putting in it.

I added my own guac and saved a little $$

Breakfast: Mixed Berry Rx Bar(I know they’re not supposed to be eaten as a meal, but I was just sick at the idea of more eggs and too lazy to chop veggies)
Chipotle Pork Carnitas w/guac and lettuce
Big salad packed with veggies, hardboiled egg, turkey breast and guacamole

This girl loves her Chipotle (maybe because it’s the only time we let her have apple juice?)

Day 20

Being brutally honest – today just kind of sucked.  I was so tired (despite sleeping until 6:45 which is almost 30 minutes longer than normal), I was super irritable at everyone, I cried more than once, and at least five times I had to talk myself down from just throwing in the towel and eating a non-compliant food.  It was such a frustrating day all the way around.

I should be thrilled that I’ve finished two-thirds of the plan, but I’m more just annoyed that I’m not feeling this “tiger blood” yet and that I’m actually feeling more tired and emotional than I was at the ten day mark.  At this point, nothing really sounds good as far as eating goes (well except for non-compliant food), so I’m forcing myself to eat meals which really isn’t enjoyable either.

I’m preparing myself for the week ahead which has several social commitments, so I’m really trying to get into a good mindset to say “no”, keep up with getting enough calories and water, and reminding myself why I am doing this.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with veggies and avocado
Lunch: buffalo chicken with sweet potato and guacamole
Dinner: Korean BBQ Beef wraps
(we wanted something similar to the Korean wraps we loved and this came close but wasn’t my favorite.  I wish it would have been spicier)




Day 21

If yesterday was the worst on Whole30, today was a complete 180 degree turn!  I woke up feeling great and well rested, got a TON of housework done during the day, got in a quick run, and then proceeded to walk over 2 miles pushing two babies and carrying Elizabeth in the Ergo (she refused to sit in the stroller).  So definitely got my workout on today!

I had an Rx Bar for a snack and was a little sad it was my last one – but my neighbor texted me from Target not even 15 minutes later.  She was standing in front of a whole shelf of Rx Bars and wanted to know if I needed any.  She’s the best and this small gesture made my entire day!

One of my friends here hosted a “Salad in a Jar” party where we all brought different ingredients and it was so fun.  I got to meet some new ladies, and came away with salad ingredients that I don’t normally buy to pu on my lettuce (like beets).

Despite feeling good about the Whole30, I’m already thinking about my re-introduction meals and what I’m going to eat first when it’s all over.  I’ve been thinking about apple cider donuts since our trip to the apple orchard last week, but Don keeps telling me they “weren’t that good”.  (He and E devoured a dozen though, so I’m not buying that).  I’m sure it will change at least twenty more times over the next few days.

Breakfast: sauteed spinach and onion with costco grilled chicken strips and 1/2 avocado
Lunch: leftover teriyaki chicken and veggies
Dinner: turkey meatballs with zuchinni noodles
(I gave this recipe another try and it was so much better this time.  Last time I was mourning not being able to have a meatball sandwich, but the zoodles really helped make it feel like a complete meal)




Trader Joes has the adorable mini-carts and she had a blast!

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