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Fall Bucket List

**In keeping with tradition, I’m about three weeks late to this fall bucket list post.  I did write it a while ago and then kept waiting to take the perfect “blog worthy” pictures which never happened.  This weekend we crossed a few items off the list and I realized I really needed to get this post onto the blog.  So without further ado….”

Fall 2018 Bucket List: New England Edition

This is our first fall as a married couple where we are actually in a part of the United States that has fall.  North Carolina and Missouri got fall for about a day but the temperatures never really matched the festivities.  Going to a pumpkin patch is fun…but not as enjoyable when your in shorts and a t-shirt and still sweating.

I know how easy it can be to stay inside on the weekends with all the kids, instead of loading up the whole crew for a few hours, so I want to have a list to help hold us accountable of all the things we want to do before the snow comes!


  1. Paint pumpkins (keeping it toddler friendly)
  2. Create leaf people
  3. Turn the pumpkin “guts” into a sensory bin
  4. Make an acorn painting
  5. Do a leaf drawing


  1. Roast pumpkin seeds
  2. Go on a morning walk with hot apple cider
  3. Eat apple cider donuts
  4. Invite the neighbors over for a fall potluck
  5. Try a new fall soup recipe
  6. Bake pumpkin muffins for the neighbors


  1. Go apple picking
  2. Visit a pumpkin patch
  3. Go on a nature walk and collect leaves
  4. Trick or Treat
  5. Run a 5k
  6. Visit Salem, MA
  7. Watch Hocus Pocus
  8. Take family pictures
  9. Visit a corn maze
  10. Go on a scenic drive to see the changing colors
  11. Go on a fall-themed date night

What items are on your fall bucket list?  What do I need to add to my list to fully embrace fall in New England?

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