April Goals


Look at me, posting my recap and goals early!  I’m pretty pleased with my March goals:

Walk 20-25 minutes 5x/week. 
No.  I think I only took 2 total, which is not even close.

Read 1 book.
YES!  I actually read four!!

Attend church 1x before Easter Sunday.
No.  We are really bad at getting ourselves moving at out the door on Sundays.

Devotional 4x/week. 

Get a manicure/pedicure/massage.
Unfortunately, NO.  It’s my own fault for waiting until the last minute to schedule one, and they were booked.

Journal 4x/week (total of 16+ times). 
YES!  It was a bit sporadic, but I still completed it and love the change I am seeing.

Go on a group date. 
No.  Sadly we had to cancel due to a last minute sitter cancellation.

Get out of the house with E and the boys at least 2x/week.
YES!  We went to the park several days to meet friend, went to the library, and had a Panera and Starbucks date.  We wait until the boys sleep so she can have my full attention.

Take one family trip to a state/national park.
YES!  We headed to St. Louis to see the Gateway Arch National Park.  It was a little chaotic with three kids, but we made it!

5/9 ~ Not as good as last month, but I think I set my sights a little too high with my physical goal, and somethings were out of my control.


April Goals

1. Complete Phase 1 of Glowbody Fitness Post-Pregnancy Plan I should be cleared by my OB to start working out, and I’m really excited to get started after seeing so many women’s results on Ashley’s Instagram and facebook.

2. Walk 3x/week: There is a park near Elizabeth’s daycare and it would be so easy to pop over there after drop-off and make it a part of my weekly routine.  It has a walking path and is flat, so I have no excuses.

3. Read 2 books: Woah, upping my goal because I’m feeling confident.  Not watching Netflix + nursing the boys gives me so much more time to read!

4. Go out with the girls: One of my closest friends is PCSing (moving) in May and we are most likely moving in July/August, so I want to get plenty of girl time before that happens.

5. Devotional 5x/week: Upping my goal again, but I want to stretch myself a little more.

6. Journal 5x/week: Another practice I want to increase because it has been SO good for me!

7. Memorize 3 Bible Verses: I memorized two for March without realizing that it was NOT one of my goals.  But I’m confident I can have three memorized in April.  It’s soo good to practice them and know that they are sinking into my soul.

8. Post 8 blog posts: I have a list of almost 20 potential blog posts, so I have no reason not to get them written and posted.

Yikes!  Another month with some hefty goals – but I’m feeling really good about them.  A lot of them are practices that I want to become habits, so having the accountability here has been good for accomplishing them.