Twins: A Birth Story


My induction was scheduled for Friday morning (the 23rd), and I hadn’t really been having any sort of indication that the boys would come on their own.  Baby B (Henry) was still a loose cannon.  Despite having been head down at my appointment on Tuesday, my OB warned me that if he turned breech – like he had been the entire pregnancy – she would be performing a C-section.  I spent the early part of the week researching C-sections and had kind of relegated myself to having one.

On Wednesday morning, I loaded E into the car and we made an early morning grocery trip to Aldi, 30 minutes away, to stock up on essentials.  We stopped at home long enough to drop off the perishable groceries and headed to a little play date/lunch with some friends.  Because of how uncomfortable I was, I tried to have lots of play dates to wear E out and have other moms around to help her if need be.  We headed home around 12:30 for Elizabeth’s nap, and even though I had a lot of things I could be doing (like bringing in the groceries), I cuddled with Oakley on the bed: reading and texting my friend Carolynne about afternoon plans to take our daughters to the park.

2:45 – Elizabeth wakes up a little cranky so I grab her a snack and turn on Octonauts for her to watch for a bit until the park.  I realized that I felt super “off”.  I really can’t describe what it is.  I felt like I had to pee (for the millionth time that day), but also felt some cramping.  They definitely did not feel like contractions, but when I went to sit down on the couch with E, I realized that sitting was really REALLY uncomfortable – pretty much painful.  I texted Don to say “I think I’m having contractions”, but left it at that.

3:07 – I text Carolynne that I’m pretty sure I’m having contractions, and can she please come over ASAP to watch E.  (Thankfully she lives only a few blocks away and her own daughter is already up from nap).  I call Don, who doesn’t answer.  So I call Jay, his Executive Officer, who also doesn’t answer.  As I’m contemplating calling 911, Jay calls back and I tell him he needs to track Don down and tell him to get home NOW!   (In hindsight, I should have just called an ambulance and not waited for Don to get all the way home.  Also regretting not bringing in the groceries).

3:20 – Carolynne arrives as I’m frantically packing an overnight bag for E, trying to find my phone charger, and answering the phone to tell the nail salon that “unfortunately I can’t make my pedicure tomorrow because I’m in labor” (priorities right?)

3:25 – Don arrives home, we pretty much throw the house key and E’s car seat at Carolynne and peace out.  I’m trying to be cool, but I can’t sit down because I’m in so much pain and I’m realizing that 1) yes I AM having contractions, and 2) they’re coming less than 3 minutes apart.  So I call 911 and tell them an ambulance needs to meet us.  Thankfully it’s on speaker phone and Don (who is so calm) explains the situation and asks them to meet us at the front gate to Fort Leonard Wood.  I literally am yelling “I don’t think we’re gonna make it” over and over again as Don is Mario-carting our way down the main stretch of road to the gate.  We get to the gate, where we freak out the gate guard by telling him I’m in labor (and I’m also still yelling).  There is no ambulance, and in a lack of communication, we are told that we need to keep going to the hospital.  *We found out later, the crew in the ambulance was told that I had already delivered at the gate*

3:45 – Don pulls into the “Ambulance Only” entrance of the hospital and runs inside.  I had told him NOT TO BE CALM when he told them I needed help, and sure enough, within two minutes there was an OB and nurse running towards me with a wheel chair.  In true Hollywood fashion, they pushed me running through the hospital and up to Labor and Delivery.  Thankfully the nurse, Rachel, is training for a marathon so we got there really fast!  At this point I’m still in a lot of pain, but also know I’m in good hands so I feel like it’s appropriate to start cracking jokes, which my nurse thought was hilarious.  She also accidentally ran me into the automatic door AND the elevator door because they didn’t open fast enough – so I was able to make fun of her for that too. (Basically we would be best friends in real life).


Some time between 3:45 and 4:01 – I get into a room (obviously bypassing triage), and into a bed, my own OB comes in – thank GOD – and they start my IV and do an ultrasound to make sure Henry is head down.   Thank GOD (again), because he IS!  My OB checks, and announces that she can see my amniotic sac, so we are ready to deliver once everyone gets into place (aka the 2 OBs, 2 pediatricians, 2 nurses for me, 2 pediatric nurses, etc).  Because it was twins, they also had to bring in a second warmer, and send someone to prep an operating room just in case that was needed. Luckily this was all happening though, because Don was parking the car and probably would have missed the birth if we hadn’t waited.  I thought this would be a good time to ask for an epidural to which my OB pretty much said “no, I’m breaking your water”.

4:01 – my OB breaks my water, I push ONCE, and out comes my sweet Samuel!  I’m still dressed from the waist up, so they place him on my sweater and we get a little bit of time with him before they whisk him away to be cleaned up.  I still have another baby to deliver.  (So literally the only thing holding Samuel inside of me was this amniotic sac, meaning that my water could have broken anywhere and I would have had that child instantly)

(Now, here’s where I made a dumb decision.  I still didn’t trust that Henry wasn’t going to turn around and I was NOT about to have my OB shove her hands up into my uterus to turn him without drugs.  So I asked again for an epidural which they agreed to.  My OB was like “seriously, he can be out in like 5 min”, but I really REALLY don’t like being in pain.  They tried for several minutes to place a line without success and my OB announced that Henry had moved down and was in perfect pushing position, so I gave up and agreed to let her break my water).

4:39 – my OB breaks my water, I push TWICE and out comes Henry (who at the time, I did not think was as sweet because he spent months kicking my rib cage, being uncooperative during ultrasounds, and staying breech until the very last minute).   After that was a lot of stuff that really isn’t exciting or that pleasant to read about, so we’ll stop there.  Also, because this recap is already long enough.


Suffice to say, I had quite the interesting delivery.  Three pushes TOTAL, to get out 13.5 pounds of baby that had been cooking for 38 weeks, 3 days.  I am SO SO SO thankful to my OB for staying late to deliver my boys, and for the wonderful L&D nurses who kept me in good spirits during and after the delivery.

Also, shout out to my wonderful neighbor Carolynne, who came over at such short notice, scooped up our sweet girl and took her for the night.

And MVP goes to Don who kept his cool while I was losing my mind on the car ride.  He has been a rockstar the entire pregnancy putting up with all my ups and downs, and put up with my crazy sense of humor in the delivery room.  (He also went home after the boys and I were settled for the night to take care of Oakley, get the guest room ready for my dad, pick up the house, and finally get those groceries put away!)

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