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2018 Goals

I’m back!  Let’s ignore the fact that I’m a week behind on the “2018 goals” post because the holidays + husband’s leave + no childcare means that last week was go,go,go for us!

I was going to write a 2017 recap, but I realized the theme of last year was me slacking on taking pictures, writing things down, and of course….blogging.  The major highlights were: E turning 1, us moving from North Carolina to Missouri, taking a mini-vacation sans E, finding out we were pregnant, finding out I was pregnant with TWIN BOYS (!!), and then Christmas in Wisconsin.

I’m trying not to make too many goals for 2018 because the twin are coming and I am setting my expectations low as far as sleep/schedules/transitions go.  Praying for the best but also knowing that this is going to be way different than having a newborn singleton.


1. Complete Glowbody Fitness Post-Pregnancy 12 week program (this is an awesome program that is created for mom’s of newborns with little sleep)
2. Run a Half Marathon (nothing on the schedule, but I know I can work up to one possibly at the end of the year)

Our last family run/ruck before I found out I was pregnant.


1. Read 1 book per month.  (I’d love to commit to more, but…TWINS)
2. Practice my Spanish, especially speaking.  (Ideally I would find someone to get together with to practice with)


1. Find a church we like and attend regularly (we have turned into the Christmas/Easter church family and I hate it)
2. Journal/devotional/quiet time 4x a week (I’m not joining a bible study this semester because I know that I’ll be flaky with the twins’ arrival, but I still want to get in some quality time reading devotions/my Bible and make a habit of it)


1. Journal/devotions 4x a week (same as above, but doing that is SO GOOD for my emotional health so it fits both categories)
2. Get a massage or manicure/pedicure quarterly (I know Don is a rockstar dad, so I want to sneak away from the babes at least 4 times for some self-care)


1. Apply to massage therapy school.  I have toyed with the idea of going back to school for my masters, but the truth is – I can’t really see myself teaching in a traditional classroom again.  However, I LOVE the idea of being a massage therapist and have thought about it for years.  I want to get the ball rolling, especially since a lot of schools are nights/weekends so we could work that around Don’s schedule.
2. Attend monthly vendor events with Norwex and make “XXX” this year.  (Not going to share how much I hope to make this year, but it’s an increase from this year.  I want to really put in the time/effort this year into growing my business.)


1. Use up leftovers/fruits and veggies before they go bad (I hate throwing food out – it’s such a waste on our budget and makes me feel like an over-consumer)
2. Make cloth Christmas bags.  (I have a friend who sewed her own Christmas bags and reuses them every year.  Even though we recycle, I still feel like wrapping all those presents every year is just a waste)
3. Make smart choices in everyday life to reduce our carbon footprint (examples: cloth diaper twins, line dry clothes in summer, walk places instead of driving, planting a garden, buying used instead of new, etc)
4. Get out and about in nature with E at least 3x/week.  National parks, regular parks, just running around in our backyard.  She loves exploring, and the adventure is so good for all three of us.  I don’t want the arrival of the twins to mean that we become home bound hermits.




1. 1 play date/social event a week.  (The temptation with new babes is to become stay in, but I need to get them out for my own sanity, and for Elizabeth to see her friends)
2. Stay connected with long-distance friends.  (Letters, texts, phone calls – I want to be better about staying in contact with friends even though we’ve moved away.

Tiny hand on my big bump while I work on the blog.

3. Blog 2x/week for a total of 8x/month (I’m not sure where to put the blog under my pillars of wellness, but I think for now Social works since it’s not really an income maker.  I have SO MANY IDEAS floating around my head for blog posts and I need to get them on the proverbial paper).



Here’s to 2018!

What are your goals for 2018?  Be honest, am I being too ambitious?



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