September Goals and Excuses

Another month has passed, and all has been quiet on the blog front.  I hit 5 of my 11 goals for Augusts, but they were definitely met half-heatedly and under the wire.

We all have excuses in life – things that come up like family emergencies, days we just don’t feel up to putting our in our full effort, things out of our control like weather or work situations.  BUT, I have to share, I think I have a pretty fabulous excuse for my lack of blogging and lack of motivation over the past two months.

I was pretty surprised to find out I was pregnant, and even more shocked when the doctor told us there were twins in there!  Let me tell you, carrying twins in no joke.  I’ll probably post about the first trimester soon, but they symptoms came earlier and more severe than when I was pregnant with E.  Battling exhaustion and morning sickness with a toddler means that when I’m feeling good, she is getting my full attention (instead of things like getting in my daily steps or blogging).

I’m starting to feel better, so hopefully I’ll meet a few goals.

September Goals

I’m keeping these goals short and hopefully maintainable.

Physical Wellness

  1. Incorporate recommended 5-9 servings of fruits/veggies each day.  (I was really bad at this the first trimester when carbs were all that made me feel better).
  2. Work to keep blood pressure low.  (Twin mamas are at a higher risk of high blood pressure which can lead to pre-term labor.)

Spiritual Wellness

  1. Keep up with PWOC bible study.  (I’m part of PWOC on post and am in a study called “Missional Motherhood”.  We have reading/journaling to do 4 days a week so I want to make sure I don’t fall behind.

Social Wellness

  1. Get out of the house 4/5 weekdays.  (During the first trimester, I’d stay home for a few days in a row which made for a cranky toddler who craves social time.  Even going to visit D at work fills up her extrovert tank)

Financial/Professional Wellness (includes the blog)

  1. Build Norwex VIP page and post at least 1x per week
  2. Write 5 blog posts (haha, being WAAAY more realistic here)

Intellectual Wellness

  1. Read two books

Environmental Wellness

  1. Cut down on our electric bill by drying E’s cloth diapers and our workout gear outdoors (I totally did this last month with the diapers, and want to keep adding to it while we have the good weather)

Emotional Wellness

  1. Bullet journal (20/31 days): Journaling was hard to stick to, but I know I have the time to put down a few thoughts each day.


9 goals this month.  I know the blood pressure one is a little out of my control, but I’m going to do what I can to make it happen!  Again, my family and health are number one, so I don’t stress out too much if I’m not meeting them, but they’re fun to do!