August Goals

Well, July was a rough month for my goals and I didn’t even keep track of my goals (but I’m pretty sure I didn’t hit most of them).  Between the heat/humidity, me being sick for a good chunk of the month, and Elizabeth going through a lot of teething, I put my goals on the back burner.  But August is looking to be a great month (and cooler), and I’m really hoping to make some solid goals and stick to them.

Physical Wellness

  1. Hit step goal (20/31)

Spiritual Wellness

  1. Make and use a prayer journal
  2. Read daily devotional (20/31)

Social Wellness

  1. Go on a date night child free
  2. Host a mama brunch: I’ve met a bunch of new women here and I’d love to get them all in one place to hang out.

Financial/Professional Wellness (includes the blog)

  1. Close out at least 2 Norwex parties in August
  2. Write 10 blog posts

Intellectual Wellness

  1. Read 1 book in Spanish: I really need to get back to practicing my Spanish

Environmental Wellness

  1. Cut down on our electric bill by drying E’s cloth diapers outdoors
  2. Buy produce locally before going to the grocery store

Emotional Wellness

  1. Bullet journal (20/31 days): Journaling was hard to stick to, but I know I have the time to put down a few thoughts each day.

11 goals for August, and I’m looking forward to starting strong with a new month.  So glad July is in the rearview mirror.