July Goals

June Goals –

  1. Meet daily step goal (20/30): YES!  Got exactly 20/30, and my daily goal went from 6200 to 8800!
  2. Start the LFSC plan from Ashley Keller: YES!  I’m on week 3 of 6 and have really been enjoying it.
  3. Find a church in MO and attend (3/4 weeks)
    Yes we found a church, but only made it twice due to a certain sweet babe’s nap schedule.  There is only one service offered and I just can’t wake a sleeping baby.
  4. Be consistent with my quiet times (20/30): Um, no.  Not even close.  I think maybe like 9 times so not great at all.
  5. Be social 1x week: Yes!  We’ve been to the pool at least twice a week and I’ve made lots of mom friends there.  We’ve also go to story time, music time and had several play dates PLUS, I went to an event one without Elizabeth.  So major success!
  6. Meet up with 3 girls: YES!  I met up with all three of them, plus another one.  Also met several women at various playgroups and got lots of phone numbers.
  7. Host a Norwex open house in MO: Nope, didn’t do it here.  I just didn’t want to be that person that was like “be my friend…now buy my products”.  Making authentic relationships is my main goal.
  8. Blog at least 2x per week: I took a week off due to the babe/pup being sick, so I only made it to 7.  But I wrote 9 blog posts if that counts for anything 😉
  9. Read 3 books: Yes, thanks to lots of front porch time while E plays with her house and car.
  10. Check out the local farmers market: Yes, found some good stuff.  Also found a few places that are run by the Amish that are open every day.
  11. Sign up for CSA box: Marking it, because I found out that there isn’t really one.  But I asked around, so that counts.
  12. Journal (20/30): This goes along with my quiet times, so I failed miserably at this.
  13. Pick up the house nightly (20/30): I did it 28/30 nights so major success.  D has noticed and has started to help me with it which has been great.

So, 8.5/13.  Not bad for my first month of goal making.

July Goals

Physical Wellness

  1. Complete the LFSC plan by Ashley Keller: I only have 3 weeks to go!
  2. Average 9,000 steps per day: I’m hoping to get back into running consistently so the step goal should be no problem.

Spiritual Wellness

  1. Make and use a prayer journal
  2. Read daily devotional (20/31)

Social Wellness

  1. Go on a date night child free
  2. Host a mama brunch: I’ve met a bunch of new women here and I’d love to get them all in one place to hang out.

Financial/Professional Wellness (includes the blog)

  1. Makes some contacts in MO for some Norwex parties: again I’m trying to be authentic and chose friendship over customers, but I’d also like to get a few people interested and book a party or two for August.
  2. Write 10 blog posts

Intellectual Wellness

  1. Read 3 books
  2. Read 1 book in Spanish: I really need to get back to practicing my Spanish

Environmental Wellness

  1. Buy only local produce for 1 week: I know this might take a bit of work to come up with recipes, but totally doable.
  2. Ride my bike/walk at least 5 times instead of using the car: We purchased a burley trailer last fall and I want to put it to good use.

Emotional Wellness

  1. Bullet journal (20/31 days): Journaling was hard to stick to, but I know I have the time to put down a few thoughts each day.
  2. Make the bed in the morning (20/30 days): I want to make this a habit while sticking to the habit of cleaning up each night.  A house that is free of clutter and chaos leads to a less chaotic mental state.


14 goals which I feel are pretty manageable. 



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    1. Thanks Bailey! It’s a devotional from my hometown – a bunch of churches submitted them. I’m always looking for suggestions though!

    1. Thank you! I hope so too. Knowing I was going to post my results on the blog really helped keep me accountable.

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