I’ve gone back and forth deciding how much of E I want to share on the blog – mostly because I’ve been reading blogs for a few years now and I know how much backlash some posts get.  Every parent has their own opinion on parenting and for some sad reason, they feel the need to judge and shame other parents who don’t make the same decisions they do.  It makes me sad and frustrated and a bit anxious to share anything about my parenting styles.

BUT, my daughter is 14 months (today!!), is healthy and happy and so I must be doing this parenting thing somewhat right.  So go ahead and judge if you must (but I really hope you don’t because we all need people on our team).

A few Momfessionals from my first 14 months as a parent.

  1. When E was born, I had great plans to write in a journal every week about activities we had done, mile-stones, etc.  It lasted four weeks. The first two were written like an actual journal, and the other two were bullet events.  To be completely honest, I had to make up some of the dates of when she first started crawling, rolled over, etc because I hadn’t written them down.  Thank goodness my phone keeps track of the date I take pictures.
  2. Yesterday E discovered that she could crawl behind the couch.  And proceeded to wedge herself between the couch and the wall. I just let her get herself out, because there was no way I was going to get back there.  She fussed a bit, but figured out how to crawl through.  Now that’s her new favorite thing to do.  (sigh).
  3. My nephew is 6 months older and goes to a Montessori School.  It’s so hard not to compare the two kids.  He knows sign language, all his animal sounds, colors, and more.  The other day he was telling me about seeing a “big red truck”.  It makes me wonder if I should be doing more with E?
  4. Probably once a month, E becomes very uninterested with eating veggies, meat or eggs.  So we spend a couple days giving her All The Dairy.  Milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese sticks, putting shredded cheese on everything hoping to sneak some eggs/veggies  into her diet.  And ice cream.  I know people say you should limit the dairy with younger kids – but she’s got WI genes in her blood and knows what she wants.  Thankfully this phase only lasts a few days and then she’s back to her normal eating habits.
  5. E does this thing where she squeezes her eyes shut really tightly and then pops them back open. I thought it was super cute and then randomly googled why kids do that.  BAD IDEA.  For a full day I was convinced that she had a neurological problem or Tourettes. Seriously, google and webMD give me anxiety.


Any ridiculous confessions you want to add?  I promise I won’t judge!

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8 thoughts on “MomFessionals

  1. The comparison game is SO tough, but what I like to remember is this: by the time kids are in Kindergarten, no one is going to know who said their first word earliest, who walked earliest, who knew their colors/numbers/ABCs earliest… that’s all just arbitrary now while they’re so young. 🙂

  2. Ahhhhh “Dr. Google” is THE WORST THING for parents who are already wondering if there’s something more to what’s going on. I love this post because my daughter is almost 14 months, so it’s fun to read about what she’s doing. I agree on comparison. I wonder all the time if I’m doing enough as a SAHmom to my girls. It’s hard.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Erica, I have loved reading about Sadie and being like “yeah, they’re at about the same stage”. Being a SAHM is the best and the worst at times, but I still wouldn’t trade it for a thing!

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