June Goals

One of my favorite posts to read by other bloggers is their monthly goals.  I’m just really nosy interested in other people’s lives and goals. I also use it to come up with goals for my own life.

Here’s something you should know about me: I LOVE goal setting.  I love making goals and writing them down and making little boxes to check off that I completed them.  But…I rarely ever check those boxes.  I’m so bad about actually following through with my goals.  So, here I am, being all brave and putting my goals on the internet to try and hold myself accountable.

I read a book in college that talked about the 7 pillars of wellness.  I can’t remember the name of the book or what it was about, but these 7 pillars just really stuck with me.  I think it’s so important to be well rounded and focus on achieving peace in each of these areas of our lives.  So when I make my goals, I always try to have a goal in each category.

So without further adieu….

Physical Wellness

  1. Meet daily step goal (20/30): I have the Garmin Vivofit3 watch and I love it!  My current goal is 6500 steps/day.  If I meet the goal, the next day increases by 500, if I don’t meet it, it goes down 500 steps.
  2. Start the LFSC plan from Ashley Keller: I bought this program a month ago knowing that I would start after we moved.  I wanted to start today, but we are still waiting on all my workout gear to show up from the move.

Spiritual Wellness

  1. Find a church in MO and attend (3/4 weeks)
  2. Be consistent with my quiet times (20/30): Our new neighbor’s dog barks/howls EVERY morning when he goes to PT, so I’m taking this a sign to get my booty out of bed and spend some time with God.

Social Wellness

  1. Be social 1x week: We are brand new in town, so I really am trying to find events and get out.
  2. Meet up with 3 girls: I have 3 women I’ve “met” through social media/friends that I actually want to meet in person.

Professional/Financial Wellness (I’m counting the blog in here even though it’s not professional or financial)

  1. Host a Norwex open house in MO: I have a sales goal for the month, but I’m not going to share that here.  But I do want to start networking and host an open house.
  2. Blog at least 2x per week: I don’t want to start out too fast with blogging, but I do have a lot of ideas for blogs.

Intellectual Wellness

  1. Read 3 books

Environmental Wellness

  1. Check out the local farmers market to assess what I can buy: still not sure what St. Robert has to offer, BUT I’ve heard they’ve made a lot of progress since we were here 3 years ago.
  2. Sign up for CSA box (if available)

Emotional Wellness

  1. Journal (20/30)
  2. Pick up the house nightly (20/30): Having a messy house kind of stresses me out.  So my plan is to do dishes, pick up toys, etc for 15-20 minutes every night before I go to bed.  That way I can start the day without feeling stressed at how messy our house is.
  3. Breathe…don’t lose my cool: I’ll be the first to admit that I have “lose it” sometimes.  I hold everything in and then I explode and then feel so guilty.  This doesn’t happen a lot, but even once is too much- especially because I don’t want to ever yell at E like that or even model that behavior.  I’m not sure how to track it, but I’m hoping for 2 or less “incidents” this month.


WHEW!  I just realized I made FOURTEEN GOALS, which seems like a lot but I’m hoping that a new house, new beginning will help me reset and start fresh!

P.S.  A lot of my goals say 20/30 days of the month.  I’m trying to give myself grace here.

How’d I do with my first month of goal setting?  Any advice for sticking to them?


6 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. I love setting goals as well! I do this every year because it seems less daunting than having resolutions.

  2. I love these goals. I am very interested in these seven pillars of wellness. How neat. I love that you broke them all down. Good luck achieving your goals this month! 🙂

    1. Thanks Janelle! I feel like I’m biting off a little more than I can chew, but the 7 pillars keep me from putting all my eggs in one basket.

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