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Handyman Husband: Cloud Nursery Shelves

In February of 2016, my friends at Bragg threw D and me the sweetest couples baby shower.  My friends Amber and Alexandra went out of their way to make us (and baby E) so loved, and the decorations were too perfect!

How cute is this banner that my friend Amber made with her Cricut cutter? Such a labor of love – it’s now hanging above E’s crib!


The shower was hot-air ballooned theme, so we decided to keep all the decorations and use them for sweet baby E’s nursery.  Once we decided on that, I scoured Etsy for cute stuff, but HOLY CRAP Etsy is expensive and no, I’m am not spending hundreds of dollars on decorations for a nursery for a baby (because I’m frugal and also, I’d rather put that money in a savings account for her).  One of the things I fell in love with were these adorable cloud shelves , but I just couldn’t pull the trigger with a $120 plus shipping price tag.

I was showing my husband how cute they were and he was all like “I can make those”.  WHAT?!  I had no idea this man had any idea how to woodwork.  He had a few basic tools and he’s super handy  but I didn’t think he’d want to do that.  So off he went to Home Depot for wood, borrowed a jigsaw from a neighbor, build a make-shift workbench and a few hours later, I was painting the shelves white.  Within 24 hours of showing D the Etsy site, the adorable shelves were hanging in our nursery, for a third of the price take.  Total win!

The only downside, was that my husband realized just how much he loved these little projects and spent pretty much the rest of my pregnancy creating new projects and “investing in more tools”.  I may have created a monster, but he does good work so I’ll keep him!


Making Your Own: Some Instructions + Pictures 

Before we went to Home Depot, we decided how long each shelf would be and the lengths of wood for each.  We used pine boards  and then had them cut them in the store.  It saved us time + having to purchase a tool that would do that.

I free-haded the clouds so D could just follow the lines.








D cut out the shapes with a jig-saw.  Check out his “work table”.  Proof that you don’t have to have a ton of expensive tools to get the job done.















Next I sanded the pieces since they were a little rough from the jigsaw.  Don used screws to put the shelves together and I put on a few coats of paint.  This was a great beginner project for the both of us because it didn’t require perfection.  

I love how these turned out, and it makes me so happy to see them filled with books for our sweet E.




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4 thoughts on “Handyman Husband: Cloud Nursery Shelves

  1. I love these!! And I am totally with you, I would much rather have money for my baby’s savings account than expensive decorations. My dad is a carpenter, so I have been spoiled my entire life. Anything I want, my dad can build. When Nick and I got engaged, he made us a wine cabinet. We have a TV stand, book stand, cutting boards, jewelry box, and countless little things that he’s made us in our home. Nick hasn’t had much practice but I know he wants to get more into it when he has more time. Darn submarines!

    1. Ooh, I am so jealous that your dad is a carpenter – that is so cool! The military life doesn’t leave much time for that kind of a hobby but I hope Nick gets more time to test the waters. We just moved with all my husband’s tools which isn’t much fun at all, but I’m glad he has that outlet to decompress.

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