How Pure Barre Rejuvenated My Workout Routine

Sweet E is 13 months today!  Every month, I am just in awe of how much she is learning and I love seeing her personality come out.

What I don’t love, is crossing off another month postpartum and watching the scale stay the same.  

I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy, but the first 30 pounds fell off within a few months.  I got cocky, and set HUGE goals for myself.  Be back to my pre pregnancy weight by the time E is 6 months, run a half marathon when she’s 9 months, etc.  As I failed to meet each goal, I just pushed it back a month.  I tried some fitness DVDs, I set goals to run x- amount of miles each month.  I failed again.  And again. And again.

I was eating somewhat healthy, walking at least 2 miles a day with Oakley and E, and yet I kept losing and gaining the same 5 pounds month after month.


I finally purchased a month-long membership during their Black Friday Sale.  Unlimited classes for the month.  D had a lighter work schedule so I knew I’d be able to leave E with him.

The first class was HARD, but thankfully I had been warned.  A huge blessing came in the form of Jess – a girl my age who sat down next to me with a huge smile, and assured me that I would catch on in no time.  I spent most of the 55 minutes stealing glances at Jess to try and mirror her form.  Although I didn’t have the stamina to hold the poses for the entire time, I kept pushing.

I’ve been going ever since.  I’ve lost those 5 pounds and then some.  I’ve lost inches.  I’ve built muscle.  But perhaps the most I gained was a glimpse of the girl I was before E.  I didn’t realize how much I missed working out.  Doing DVD workouts during nap time is not the same as leaving the house and showing up to see a group of women that will hold me accountable.

Pure Barre is ME time.  I leave E in the capable hands of her daddy (or in some cases a babysitter), and I get to go focus on me.  Those 55 minutes are MINE. I don’t think about dishes, or diapers, or if E is eating or napping.  I focus on my LTB (lift, tone, burn).  I get there early to laugh with the women that I see week after week.  I chat with the wonderful teachers and the owner Amanda who is the sweetest, most sincere person I have meet (she sent me this sweet note and hair tie after my first class).

After a few months of Barre, I started running again.  I ran two miles without stopping.  I was floored!  I hadn’t done that since I found out I was pregnant.  I know the stamina and the strong muscles were from all those hours of Barre.

Just yesterday I was trying on pre-pregnancy dresses for our summer vacation and every. single. onefit!  Another non-scale victory.  I almost cried to know that slowly and steadily, my pre-pregnancy body is coming back.
I’m so thankful for that mama five months ago, who sucked up her pride and tried something new; it has been worth every penny.

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