40 by 40

40 by 40 Bucket List

Turning thirty was pretty uneventful.  D and I celebrated together (since his birthday is 5 days earlier), and I think we may have gone out to an early dinner with MissE.

But it got me thinking that after five months of being a stay at home mom, I had really lost my sense of purpose in life.  I wasn’t teaching, I wasn’t being super active the community, my social life was severely slacking (which I’m going to blame on lack of sleep), and in general D and I had lost some of our sense of adventure.

This is all super common for life with a newborn, but I knew that if I didn’t set some serious goals, I’d turn 40 and not have much to show for it.  To combat this, I sat down one night and hammered out a list of things I’d like to do personally and with my family.  I’m excited to have these goals to work on over the next nine-isn years.


  1. Complete a sub 5:00 marathon
  2. Place in my age group at a race
  3. Complete a century bike ride (100 miles) in under 7 hours
  4. Run races in 5 new states
  5. .Complete a half ironman


  1. Learn to golf
  2. Visit the WI Ice Caves
  3. Visit 40 National Parks/Monuments
  4. Coach a child in a sport
  5. Get 2 stamps in my passport
  6. Go to Harry Potter World with mom (and probably E)
  7. Kayak the Apostle Islands
  8. See a show on Broadway
  9. Hike all of the IceAge Trail (doesn’t have to be all at once)
  10. Scrapbook our family pictures
  11. Take a photography class
  12. Finish the BBCs top 100 books
  13. Read 200 books (that’s 20 a year…doable)
  14. Grow a successful garden
  15. Learn to knit/crochet
  16. Learn a third language
  17. Build something myself
  18.  Complete a project with my sewing machine
  19. .Purchase a Cricut cutter and complete 10 different projects
  20. Ride in a hot air balloon


  1. Have another child (a little bit out of my control…)
  2. Find and follow a skin regiment
  3. Give blood 20 times
  4. Throw a big birthday bash
  5.  Watch all the James Bond movies
  6. Volunteer 500+ hours (that’s about 1 hour a week)
  7. Go on a mission trip
  8. Start a blog
  9. Take a self defense class
  10. Homeschool for a at least 1 year
  11. Eat local for a month
  12. Complete one random act of kindness a day for one full month


  1. Find a way to contribute to our family finances (while staying home)
  2. Contribute the maximum annually to my IRA
  3. Go back to school for my masters or massage therapy license